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How to Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

How to Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

Some dogs have naturally aggressive behavior. Certain behaviors can cause serious harm to other people. If you want to know how to stop aggressive dog behavior, you have to understand different kinds of aggressive dog behavior first.

Some kinds of aggressive dog behavior may show that the dog is trying to protect owner and hence they try to get control of the surrounding. The dog may start to growl, bark or bite when someone is going there him or her, this kind of aggressive dog will get very protective over his territory. Sometimes, the dog may even bark at strangers that pass by the house. They get very jumpy when they hear or see any movement.

If your dog is very reluctant to stay still when grooming, it is quite likely they have unhappy experiences during grooming. This kind of aggressive dog behavior is known as pain aggression.

Some dogs like to attack anything that is in motion such as cars because they may have strong prey drive. I am sure you have tried raising your voice to stop your dog but that will not deter him from doing it. They will get more excited instead. This kind of aggressive dog behavior may risk their life to be injured or death.

If you are struggling with your dog problems and you want to know how to stop aggressive dog behavior, it is best that you start giving some dog obedience training to stop their aggressive behavior. You must be thinking how are you going to stop aggressive dog behavior when they simply just don’t listen. Let your dog wear a muzzle if he or she may bite when you giving the obedience training. All it need to take is some of time and patience to correct their behavior.

Punishment is not the way to stop the problems and if you want to learn the best way on how to stop aggressive dog behavior is to know the right dog handling techniques to retrain your dog under the right circumstances.

To get more insights on How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior, start learning the  Right Dog Handling Techniques today.

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Why do you Use Glucosamine for Dogs?

Why do you Use Glucosamine for Dogs?

If your pooch seems to be slowing down these days, there is a good chance that he is suffering from canine osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, or both.  Arthritis in dogs is a common ailment that affects up to 30% of dogs and cats.  Some of the reasons why you may want to consider using glucosamine for dogs is to treat the follow signs of arthritis:

If your dog has begun to fall behind on your daily walks
If your dog is having problems or avoids playing, walking, jumping and going up stairs
If your dog seems lethargic
If your dog is limping
If your dog has problems getting up after laying down
If your dog seems to wince or show signs of pain when petted over certain areas

Animals have a much higher pain threshold than us humans do, which is why arthritis in dogs can go undetected for a long period of time.  When a dog is starting to show signs of arthritis, chances are it is in a more advanced state that it would be if a human were to display these behaviors.

So why do people use glucosamine for dogs?  Glucosamine for dogs means that your dog will have improved joint health.  It’s a natural and very healthy supplement that you can give your dog to soothe the joints and to reduce inflammation, which in turn reduces the amount of pain that your pet would otherwise feel on a daily basis.

Glucosamine is a substance that is already naturally found in the cartilage and the synovial fluid that is in your joints.  That is why when dogs take glucosamine supplements, there are very rarely any sort of adverse side effects – it’s a naturally occurring substance that is already in your dog’s body!

Supplements of Glucosamine for dogs are not all created equal.  To really optimize your dogs health, you will want to choose the very best product that you possibly can.  In order to choose the best glucosamine for your dog, these are some things to consider:

The type of glucosamine for dogs you will use (HCL, XKCL or sulfate)
How your pet will take the glucosamine supplement (pills or liquids)
The quality of the ingredients used (are they “superior” quality and produced in a GMP-certified facility)
The additional ingredients that are used
How much glucosamine they will need per day
The daily cost


To know more on glucosamine for dogs, arthritis in dogs or other dog health related information you’re welcome to visit Nil’s blog at


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Super Joint Enhancer is a daily joint supplement for dogs available exclusively through PetMeds. It is formulated with glucoasmine, chondroitin, and MSM to maintain healthy joints in dogs.

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The Whole Dog Journal’s Guide to Optimum Dog Care: Good Eats

The Whole Dog Journal’s Guide to Optimum Dog Care: Good Eats

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U.S. retailers celebrate shoppers’ return

U.S. retailers celebrate shoppers’ return
Strong Christmas eve marks biggest increase in spending since 2006
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Holiday 2010: The Year Shoppers Returned
After two dreary years, Christmas 2010 will go down as the moment when Americans rediscovered how much they like to shop.
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Shoppers back in force in America
After two dreary years, Christmas 2010 will go down as the year when Americans rediscovered how much they like to shop.
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