Innotek Lap Dog Trainer Review

The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer from Innotek is a dog collar system that delivers a true miniaturized, lightweight collar that is just approximately 2.265 ounces including the strap and batteries.  The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer’s receiver is a stylishly designed with contours on the neck which makes it nearly invisible.  The dog trainer collar is pretty easy to use with four stimulation levels and tone selections for correction and deters your dog’s incessant and unwanted barking.  The receiver automatically signal-matches with the transmitter, this way you don’t have to worry about time consuming and tasking magnet switches.  Now you have an indoor, miniature, and lightweight collar for safe and effective correction for your dog.

The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer is a very handy dog training collar which is perfect for any dog owner who wants to correct behavioral problems and teach their dog basic compliance.  The small transmitter has four levels of continuous stimulation and a good and bad tone button.   The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer transmitter is powered by a 12 volt battery.  The receiver is powered by two 3 volt lithium batteries.  The dogtrainer collar can reach up to a range of 200 feet, enough for a household and indoor type pet dog.

The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer is specifically designed for small household dogs.  The collar receiver has just the right low level correction that is suitable for small dogs.  Pet lovers like you who demand only the best for their small household pet dog will find everything that they need from a dog training collar in the Innotek Lap Dog Trainer.

Once you purchase an Innotek Lap Dog Trainer you will get free professional training support, an Introduction to Dog Training DVD, and a limited lifetime warranty.

The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer is perfect for all your household dog training needs.  If you need the collar for deterring your pet dog’s bad behaviour or perhaps for training it to do some basic obedience actions, the iInnotek Lap Dog Trainer is great for both of these needs.  Be sure to outfit your pet dog with the best household collar trainer there is in the market.

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