Question by Inga: New dog training approach?
I got this new book as a freebie when my Koehler book came. And it is very interesting. It’s called
“Taste of His Own Medicine” By Alexis Walker… an apparently new dog training star.

In it she explains the new trend in obedience training dogs. So if your dog rushes you at the door, jumping up and trying to nip you in the face, you have to beat him to it. So walk in the door get in his face and start nipping at his mouth.

For leash training, if your dog pulls, you’re supposed to continuously try to outrun him.

If he urinates on your carpet… well, you get the idea.

Has anyone heard of this new trainer or her methods? Has anyone tried them?

I don’t know if it’s for me but I’m open to anything new. It has some high praise testimonials from dog owners and an endorsement from something called the PDTC. Anyone ever heard of that?

And it has the most adorable Yorkie/Staff mix on the cover. So I might just have to give it a try.

Does this sound like something you would be willing to try on your dog? What do you think?
No jab at Koehler. Not his fault the new book was shipped in the same box. lol

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Answer by AylaTheLearnedProtectorofAnimals
You’re kidding me right? How many more insane, lame methods are people going to come up with? Why on earth would I want to get in my dog’s face and start attempting to nip him? Why would I want to try to outrun him? That’s just ridiculous!

No, I certainly haven’t heard of this trainer or methods! Figures this trainer is now a star! It’s sad how much people lack common sense these days. It definitely shows when people will fall for a joke of a trainer like this person obviously is!

ADD: The jab at Koehler (Even if there was no jab) is fine with me! That method is cruel, dangerous, and outdated. I don’t advocate this method and I never will.

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