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Q&A: “potty” training a dog?

Question by impala400sb: “potty” training a dog?
We are adopting another dog! But one thing is he is not potty trained. Any tips on doing this? i cant even get my 2 yr old to use the potty all the time!

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Answer by Risa L.
Just start by taking him out about evry hour and when yu do tell him GO POTTY- When he does decide to Go-Say Good boy-And continue this for awile-Wehn he uses the bathroom in the house take a spray bottle and spray him in the face sayin NAUGHTY-Then bring him outside and tell him GO POTTY!!

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Question by -_-k-_-: My St. Bernard puppy wont eat milk bones. help with homemade treats?
like it says in the title Bruno (he was born sept. 21st this year) wont eat his milk bones, he plays with them, and kind of ‘nips’ at them but wont try to bite them. I have tried breaking them up, and putting them in with his food but he will just leave them in his bowl. the fact that he wont eat milk bones doesn’t surprise me, because my previous dog a shih-tzu wouldn’t eat them either. I wasn’t concerned about my other dog because he was a smaller breed but I have read on the internet that Bruno’s hips, knees and elbows wont develop or be very weak with out calcium (which I dont doubt). so my question is: is there enough calcium in his food (Beneful, for puppies)?
I also found this recipe on another question about homemade treats: ” use unbleached flour and water to make a dough, then I’ll add an egg or a few tbsps of natural peanut butter, spoon out in balls on an ungreased cookie sheet, bake at 350F for 20 mins”
Is there anything i can add/substitute to get him more calcium.

Aso just curious but could i grind up one or two calcium suppliment pills for people and add it to the dough?

thanks! 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by walking lady
Milk bones are very poor quality. Those “treats” you gave a recipe for aren’t going to give a growing puppy any nutrition whatsoever. And Beneful is probably the 2nd worse food on the market.

You never give any giant breed puppy calcium. You’ll be causing damage to his joints.

You need to switch his dog food to a good brand – one with meat as the first ingredient and no wheat or corn.

Please do some research before you harm this puppy. If he’s from a reputable breeder, they’re your best resource. If not, you can always contact a dog nutritionist.

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