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Nice “top Dog” photos

Some cool top dog images:

Top Dog in Berlin

Image by waɪ.tiː
If you are the "top dog" you are the leader of a group.

Of course in this photo you can see the top dog is actually a dog.

Q&A: Question about dog food?

Question by khrissy: Question about dog food?
My dog food clearly says on the label that it is free of animal by-products, artificial colors and presertives. Is there any way to tell if this is true. When me and my husband shop for our dogs food thats the first place we look, the ingredients. Alot of them will say chicken by product on the ingredient list, while on the front of the bag in big letters it says “Chicken is our number 1 ingredient!” How do we know what is really in our pets food??

Best answer:

Answer by Hunter P
you may want to ask a vet about your question, i thought the same thing once

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Home Dog: Revolutionary Rapid Training Method: How to Train Your Dog to Obey and Protect You

List Price: $ 25.95

Price: $ 40.00

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you may jeopardise your dog flea treatment

you may jeopardise your dog flea treatment

If you do not keep up with the flea treatment instructions, your dog may be sick, or even death. EPA received “more than 44,000 complaints: In the annual” dog flea the scene. These are often packaged in small tubes, you squeeze your dog’s skin and the liquid. Dog flea chemical treatment “amitraz,” which has proved to cause neurological damage, especially children. Because the dog usually weighing less than even the children, harmful effects may be worse.

Adhere to the following tips when using a dog flea treatment to minimize the chance of harmful side effects as possible to prevent fleas.

Be sure you consult your veterinarian before and after any chemical-based products to use.

Use only for treatment of dog fleas. Some people with their dogs, cats, products, and trouble.

Avoid “active ingredient” harmful chemical substances after disposal of dog flea market; tetrachlorvinphos, carbaryl, propoxur, and amitraz.

Be sure to use fully in accordance with the instructions on the package is the same. This will provide the best flea prevention and reduction of potential side effects.

If your furry friends have treatment side effects, to give him a bath, as soon as possible and call your veterinarian immediately.

Finally, the dog one of the reasons in the first flea-ridden because they have a weak immune system. Dogs can weaken the immune system, environmental chemistry, more importantly, from an unhealthy diet. I know you might think you are you feeding dog healthy dog food, but the unfortunate fact is that in today’s market is very healthy food for your dog the majority, weaken his immune system. Once you start feeding your dog and the dog a healthy diet and potentially harmful chemical treatment, fleas, will be the thing of the past.

Therefore, I propose to continue to use in the treatment of dog fleas, it will change your dog’s health dog food, a healthy dog food. Once you have fed your dog a real dog’s health, you can take off a more natural way to treat your dog of fleas and flea prevention.

tony is a veterinarian for flea treatment and flea killer

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Raleigh Author Publishes New Book of Poetry and Prose

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) March 4, 2010

Poetry and Spoken Word Visions on Life’s Encouragements, a new book by Sue Austin, has been released by RoseDog Books.

It is about the transition from youth to adulthood and the changes a young person faces in love and life.

Poetry and Spoken Word Visions on Life’s Encouragements is a 32-page paperback with a retail price of $ 8.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4349-9621-3. It was published by RoseDog Books of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information or to request a review copy, please visit our virtual pressroom at or our online bookstore at


Title: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Release Date: 2010 Platforms: PS3 | 360 | PC Label: Eidos Genre: TPS Age Rating: RP (Rating Pending) Subscribe Now:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Screening July 14th at the Coney Island Saturday Night Film Series.

Mulligan Stew Announces the Launch of its New Line of Premium Baked Kibble Line of Food for Dogs

Jackson Hole, WY (PRWEB) September 11, 2009

Mulligan Stew Pet Food is proud to announce the release of its first dry dog food line, Mulligan Stew’s Premium Baked Kibble for dogs. The new product launch will take place at the fall industry trade shows; SuperZoo and HH Backer. Anticipation is proving strong for Mulligan Stew’s first baked dry food line, which includes its revolutionary patent-pending formulation for optimal cellular health.

Mulligan Stew’s Premium Baked Kibble offer differentiators in ingredients, formulation and manufacturing practices. According to Diane Peterson, Mulligan Stew’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, “We chose an experienced baked kibble manufacturer located in the heart of the USA, who produces our kibble line utilizing wind powered energy. During these energy-conscious times, sustainable best business practices are important.”

“However, the most significant elements in our new baked kibble line are the ingredients and the baking process. We chose ingredients exclusively for their functional purpose in the body and did not include any unnecessary ingredients or chemically manufactured supplements. The choice to bake versus standard extrusion processes, assures higher nutrient absorption, as well as better digestibility. And, our kibble ingredient deck is the smallest in the industry! On the back of our packaging is an explanation of each ingredient’s nutritional purpose in the body. Consumer education is a hallmark of Mulligan Stew and we believe this ‘on-shelf education’ will help everyone better understand exactly what they are feeding their pets.”

Mulligan Stew Company Information:

Mulligan Stew is a revolutionary pet food offering natural nutrition through cellular health and whole body detoxification. Developed by a Jackson Hole naturopathic healer, Mulligan Stew is founded on the principal of cellular nutrition, the proactive foundation for a long and healthy life. The patent-pending formula aids in increasing the presence of certain enzymes that provide superior anti-oxidant and detoxification benefits for optimal pet health. Visit the company’s web site for complete product information:


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