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Bench & Field Holistic Natural Canine Treats, 16-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)

  • For dogs of all ages
  • A treat you can give your dog with confidence and love
  • 100& natural
  • No preservatives
  • Only 4% fat

Since 1926 Martin’s feed mills has been dedicated to improving the quality of animal health through the enduring principles of nutrition. Pet foods that are quality. Nutritional integrity, pet focused. We are about people, tradition, and emotions. About pets through all walks of life. We are about basics, values, and simplicity.

List Price: $ 29.04

Price: $ 22.34

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Question by Felidire ♂: Does allowing your bítch to have at least one litter make her “a better dog”?
I’ve overheard THREE people bring this up in different context, in three separate conversations, over the last 2-3 months.

Now I personally think this is a load of bullshít that only contributes to the number of sheltered dogs in the world, as i’ve never noticed a single positive change in behaviour in a female dog that has given birth to a litter; if anything, i’ve only ever noticed negative changes.

Of course, i’m no breeder; but i’m curious to hear what you guys think about this common “belief” that a lot of people seem to carry around. Does “allowing your house pet to have one litter BEFORE getting her spayed” make her “a better dog” temperament-wise?
Temperament aside, waiting until after the first or second heat cycle is the best option for the long-term health of the dog.

I don’t breed so I can’t comment on whether or not it makes good or bad behavioural changes.
Wow.. I pulled a topping off of my pizza and found some guy’s eyelash underneath.

Bad karma?

Best answer:

Answer by ragapple
snort yeah then there was Gretchen who became dangerously aggressive protecting the pups and NEVER stopped, even years later.
and this is not the first time I’ve heard of it just the one I saw

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LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Rollovers- Bacon the Pig

LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Rollovers- Bacon the Pig

  • The laugh out loud rolling, laughing pet!
  • You can’t help but laugh along with the LOL Rollover Pets
  • Get them laughing with a wave of your hand (motion activated).

LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Rollovers- Bacon the Pig

The laugh out loud rolling, laughing pet!

You can’t help but laugh along with the LOL Rollover Pets.

They roll around back and forth on the floor laughing hysterically.

Get them laughing with a wave of your hand (motion activated).

Uses 3 “AA” size batteries (not included).

For ages 5 and Up


1 x LOL Rolling Laughing Bacon the Pig (pet)

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 12.95

Dog Accessories

Classy Dog Clothes offers a variety of small and medium dog accessories. We specialize in dog “wearables”; items such as coats, sweaters, dress-ups and more!
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Question by LilSunbeam: My Chihuahua was being fed “human food” and refuses dog food?
Any suggestions on getting him to consider dog food? He has always had people food and no matter how hungry he seems when I give him dog food he refuses it. I have tried soft food in several different brands and flavors. I know human food is not healthy for him but if it’s what he is used to what can I do to change it? He is two and a half. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by alecto02
Try giving him dog food mixed with people food starting with more people food then slowly shifting to more dog food.

Hopefully eventually you’ll get him to eat all dog food.

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Dog Obedience Training in one Evening – Who Would Have Ever Thought

(PRWEB) October 19, 2004

Can Dog obedience Training really be done in ‘one’ evening?

According to Don and Ellen Langton it can be done!

Just a few weeks ago Don wanted to take Misty back to the animal shelter.. BUT the Family vet came to the rescue and shared someting with them that changed Misty’s behavior overnight…

Don and Ellen had read their share of dog obedience training books but they were in for quite a surprise when they had Misty immediately running to them each time they called her.

“It was quite an amazing feeling!” Explains Ellen “I started using it at home that evening – and frankly, I wasn’t too sure if it would work at first. But by early the next afternoon I had Misty immediately running to me each time I called her.”

Don got so excited that he turned straight to the chapter on how to stop your dog from barking. There, on page 31, he discovered the answer to Misty’s problem.

Now to be honest, the tip Don used didn’t exactly work overnight – it took about a day and a half. But still, we haven’t had a single problem with Misty’s barking since.

Thanks to our vet’s dog obedience training advice… Misty is truly a new Dog and I think she knows it.

More Info can be obtained by visiting:


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  • Designed for each vehicle
  • Easy DIY fitment and removal
  • No modification to the vehicle
  • Supplied complete with fitting instructions
  • Increased vehicle security

Travall Brand UPPER Dog Guard / Pet Barrier / Load Barrier for fitment to: SUBARU FORESTER WAGON (2002-ON) – Fits Non-Sunroof Models Only – At Travall we consider our dog guards and dividers to be the very best available and far superior to cheaper universal fit dog guards. Travall dog guards and dividers are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom from high quality steel tubing and welded mesh, using the latest technology engineering processes. The guards are then Nylon powder coated to

Price: $ 159.99

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