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Clip from “Guide Dog”

This is a clip from the film “Guide Dog”. The entire film can be seen in the latest theatrical tour.

A blind poodle gets a helping paw – from her sister.

Newman’s Own Organics Dog Food Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Formula Dry, 25-pounds (Pack of1)

  • 25-lb bag

Newman’s Own Organic Adult Dog Chicken Formula is a unique blend of proteins, whole grains, vitamins and minerals that maximize palatability, digestibility and nutrient assimilation. All ingredients were carefully selected for their extraordinary nutritional value to help promote the vitality and longevity your dog.

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Q&A: It’s me again… about giving my dog up.?

Question by Avelyn: It’s me again… about giving my dog up.?
You see, from day one my husband “trained” my dog to be aggressive with him. He’d hold up a pillow or a blanket and get Marty to “attack” him. He’d let him chew on him and knaw on his knuckles. He’d played tug of war and get down on the ground with Marty and play with him like he’s another dog. So now, Marty pretty much is always on guard. He trusts me and strangers, and pretty much lets us do whatever to him… pet him, take him off the couch, etc. But with my husband it’s not the case. He’s on the defense around him. And if my husband needs Marty to get off the couch or bed, he just kicks him off. Or out of the blue, he’ll just slap Marty in the face (not hard, but irritatingly). So naturally, Marty gets in “attack” mode. And my husband is “shocked” when he gets snapped at. I think he does it on purpose so that Marty will bite him in the face and he’ll have a legitimate reason for me to get rid of Marty.

Best answer:

Answer by Sara
See if you can get someone to adopt your husband… he sounds like a trouble maker.

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Cure Dog and Cat Ear Infections Naturally

Cure Dog and Cat Ear Infections Naturally

Does your pet shake its head, scratch or rub its ears, have discharge from the ears or have bad smelling or tender red ear? If so your pet may have an ear infection. You may be able to cure this yourself by using some simple home remedies recommended by veterinarians who use natural cures.

Use vinegar to clean the ears – Allergies may have caused you pet to develop a yeast infection if you see brownish-pink wax in their ears. You can cure yeast infections by cleaning the ears with white vinegar. Vets often say to use white vinegar because it quickly gets rid of dirt and debris and helps restore a healthful chemical balance in the ears. Pour a small amount of white vinegar into the ear canal. If this is difficult use an eye dropper to put the vinegar in. Massage the area and gently wipe the inside of the ear with a cotton ball. Perform this routine daily until the ear is clear.

Use vitamin C to reduce inflammation – Your pet’s adrenal glands produces a natural steroid which can help decrease inflammation in their ears. Giving pet’s vitamin C can make the adrenal glands work better. 100 and 250 milligrams a day is the correct dosage for cats weighing under 15 pounds. Larger pets can take 250 to 500 milligrams two or three times a day. A precautionary warning is given by holistic vets. Vitamin C can cause diarrhea, so you may need to alter the dosage until you find the amount your pet will tolerate.

Healthy diet helps get rid of toxins – Many of the commercial pet foods contain additives or preservatives that can cause your pet’s ears to produce excessive wax. A good quality pet food or homemade diet can vastly reduce the amount of wax that the ears produce, while also making the immune system stronger.

Get more air to the ears – Better air circulation inside the ears can decrease the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Look in your pet’s ears on a regular basis. Trim or pluck the hair inside the ears so that more air will get inside.

Natural products have been developed to prevent ear infections. Pet owners interest in natural cures for pets have been growing and companies are now beginning to develop products. Products are available that soothe and condition ear passages to prevent common itching and scratching. They also help maintain a normal balance of flora in the ear canal thus preventing infection.

To learn more about natural ways to cure pets’ ear infections see our post Dog Has Itchy Ears You love your dog and want what is best for them. Do you wonder if all the chemicals in your pet’s environment may be affecting their health? NaturesWay4Pets helps you improve your pet’s health using natural remedies that are recommended by holistic vets.

Article from

A New Way to Maintain Healthy Dogs

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 16, 2006

The Canine Cooler Brand Thermoregulating Pet Bed can give a dog constant cool relief and cushiony support for vulnerable joints all year is now available at This bed is non-electric, non-toxic and paw-puncture proof. Fleas hate the cool environment allowing dogs to enjoy the clean environment. The Pet Bed can be used indoors, outside (away from direct sunlight) and in the crate for traveling. It eases heat discomfort, joint problems, skin disorders, hip problems, and more. The outer membrane of the Canine Cooler is 20 mil thick, however, it will not harm your dog should the bed be chewed by accident. The use of the Canine Cooler may alleviate certain canine health conditions or symptoms of them, for example: Hip and joint problems, including calluses; discomfort during and after chemotherapy; hygromas, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia; discomfort after surgery; the symptoms of Cushing’s Disease or autoimmune hemolytic anemia; skin conditions; heat stroke; and disabilities associated with aging.

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Ask A Ninja – Question 11 “Ninja Dogs”

John asks the Ninja if he can train his dog to be a ninja. You can download all of the episodes for your iPod at

pink floyd perform dogs of war live

Question by VampireDiaries/Transformersfan217: Should I charge these people!? They have hurt my family ++ Pets :'(?
Alright. I have a BIG problem with my neighbors. We had very friendly neighbors that helped us after our house burnt down, invited us over for dinner etc. There is a husband a wife two kids and two old grandmas. I live on 5 acres and have 7 dogs but two are puppies that are being sold. We’ve always just let our dogs out and they’d run up the mountain and play up there. They don’t actually run away… Just run around. Sometimes they go down our driveway and up the neighbors driveway to visit the neighbors, we didn’t care and they didn’t care. There was no risk there. For about 4 months the neighbors Rottie was sent away. He told us “Yeah my rottweiler just came back from guard dog training.” Once again the neighbors dogs were barking. My sister threw a rock at a giant mill and made a big bang sound and scared the dogs away. Afterwards for no reason our neighbor walked down the property line with his 100 pound rottweiler and bent down. My dogs all went nuts! My dog and their dog got in a fight. It ended up that the neighbor lied and said my beautiful dog bit him. He had a scratch from the barb-wire… Well the police came up dah dah duh…. Nothing happened. My dads a hunter once the dog was in OUR yard attacking OUR dogs and he fired a gun in the air. Guess what the neighbor said? That my dad threatened to kill him. My dads guns get taken away and the cops pointed a gun at me and my cousins head. Different day. My sister and my baby rottweiler and my 3 year old yorkie/maltese were up the back. The neighbors dog ripped my dog through the fence and ripped his muscle ripped his hide away from his skin or something and the vet bill 1,243.88$ . The animal control comes up and tells the neighbors to keep their dogs locked up. Neighbors continued to let their dogs out. Next time. My two puppys went to the neighbors with the other dogs that always used to go over there to say hi (This is the first time they’ve been there since the first thing that happened). Only the two old ladies were home. We heard our puppys yelping. We run down the road and one of the old ladies is holding her rottie over top of my little dog. We looked up the driveway and an old lady was holding her two dogs collars almost pulling them down making my small dog scream. I yelled “Get your ugly mutts off her!” My dad was already trying to get over the fence. Karmin (my cousin) jumped over with no caution and grabbed the puppy. The old lady kept yelling “TRESPASSING!” but she still got the dog. Also the old lady lied and said that there was a dog fight…. Honestly a dog fight? With a 5 pound yorkie/maltese and a 100 pound rottweiler? We had two puppies and the second one (Little Black) wouldn’t come back. My sister and her boyfriend went up there and asked them where our puppy was.. They yelled and screamed at her and she just left. My black puppy came back after dark but I’m pretty sure they had here and just threw her over the fence. My sister got a peace bond put against her so she couldn’t talk to the old ladies. The old ladie was peering through the fence and my mom said some stuff to her and they said it was my sister and she went to jail for the night. SHOULD I DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM!?
I forgot to say two of my dogs were poisoned in my yard.

Best answer:

Answer by Ariana Macknight
I say SUE THEM!!!
What they have done to your family in horrendous, and you have every right to sue them, after they had said false statements to the Police and severely injured your poor little dogs.

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