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Q&A: How do I train my dog to not bark as much?

Question by sfowler0817: How do I train my dog to not bark as much?
I have a 3 year old Lhasa Apso who barks non stop! She barks whenever she hears someone outside, or someone other than myself or my mother comes in the door. And then she doesn’t stop barking until about 30 minutes after that person is still in the house. I have another dog who doesn’t do this, and I would think she would learn from him. I need her to learn its not ok to do this as I’m thinking of getting an apartment and that simply won’t work. Some people suggested a “bark collar” however I’m somewhat weary of them, I think they’re someone cruel. I need a safe yet effective way to get her to stop that won’t take years to correct. Help!

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Answer by here in va
just give it a treat if does not bark at anything it should not

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Question by Jaja: Question about my possibly pregnant Yorkshire Terrior (Yorkie)…?
We had a male Yorkie over on the week of May 14th to May 21st. Our female Yorkie is a regular sized Yorkie, and the male is a teacup. We are not positive that she is pregnant…and today she had a milky substance around her nipple, and we happened to look around and squeezed her nipple and more milk substance projected. She doesn’t look too pregnant but it is a possibility she could be having only one puppy. I am aware that there is the “false pregnancy” in dogs.
What are the chances of her actually being pregnant. If so she should be having the puppy(ies) this week if correct.
The vet is literally like a block from my house first of all,

SECOND of all, I do indeed have enough money for vet bills, I never said I didn’t.

And I didn’t say she was in labor right now, I just said there is a possibility.

And last, thanks to everyone that ACTUALLY ANSWERED THE QUESTION.
We are in fact taking her to the vet.

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Answer by Fallon.
Most yorkies need c-sections.
Make an appt with your vet asap!

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Eagle Store First in Idaho to Carry Souvenirs for Dogs

Eagle Store First in Idaho to Carry Souvenirs for Dogs

Springfield, MO (PRWEB) October 13, 2005

NorthWest Pets in Eagle, Idaho expends their retail offerings with Jet Set Pets items this month.

Jet Set Pets toys are trendy squeaky toys for dogs that can be found in upscale dog boutiques such as Georges in San Francisco and Fetch in New York as well as in the gift shops of landmarks such as the Empire States Building and the Washington Monument. Until now, Idaho residents could only find them online or on vacation.

“We deliver toys to almost every state in the country and worldwide. Adding our first Idaho store is another exciting milestone for us,” stated Jessica Hutson, VP of Jet Set Pets, LLC.

Jet Set Pets, LLC offers the nation’s only regionally themed squeaky toys for dogs with unique designs ranging from a Maine Moose to a Southwest Cactus to a Saltwater Gator. Toys geared towards Idaho include a salmon and various boots.


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I have no idea what this is, but it looked cool and I didn’t see any big dogs guarding it. So why not take a picture?=)

Check out these dog guard images:

I have no idea what this is, but it looked cool and I didn’t see any big dogs guarding it. So why not take a picture?=)

Image by colorblindPICASO
And yes, if Sarah is reading this right now she is TOTALLY imagining it transforming. Only question really, does she see it as an Autobot or Decepticon. Parked near a war memorial just east of Mineral Wells on US 180.

Yes my dog guards the door

Image by Sugar Pond

Foo Dog guarding Chinatown Gate

Image by Loren Javier

Question by johanyjohn: Do you add eggshells for calcium only on raw meat or do you need to add it to cooked meat as well for dogs?
I am planning on giving my puppy “Innova Puppy Food” and supplementing it with “Missing Link.” I also on occassion would like to cook her some healthy homemade meals as well. Does the crushed eggshell powder only applies if you’re using raw meat or does it also apply for cooked meat as well? Thank you so much for your time and attention to this matter!

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Answer by isis
never heard of eggshells being fed. cooked eggs yes.

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Blotter: Dog’s bark alerts woman to rash of tire slashings

Blotter: Dog’s bark alerts woman to rash of tire slashings
A woman reported to Denton police that a man had slashed her tires as well as the tires of several of her neighbors in the 800 block of Emery Street early Saturday morning.
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Animal deaths under investigation
A farmstead in rural Tower is the scene of what appears to be a case of shocking animal neglect and abuse by an owner who allowed horses, cows, and goats and other animals to suffer or die in filthy conditions without adequate food or water.
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County dog ordinance to be updated
PARKERSBURG -Wood County commissioners will schedule a May public hearing to update the county’s dog barking ordinance. In the meantime, the ordinance is apparently unenforceable because the code section cited in the original ordinance was changed.
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4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX Red (for dogs 21-55lbs)

4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX Red (for dogs 21-55lbs)

  • Kills fleas and ticks quickly
  • Each treatment lasts for 30 days, 4 treatments
  • Safe for use on dogs 21- 55 lbs
  • Shipped from England, taking 7-10 days to arrive
  • MUCH cheaper than US Advantix

British Advantix is the same as US Advantix, just a lot cheaper and packaged with the metric system written on the boxes, instead of pounds. It is made in the same Bayer factory. It is legal for an individual to purchase it, but it cannot be resold in the US.

List Price: $ 74.99

Price: $ 42.45

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