Question by My Dogs Are My Life: “Calming collars” – are they the real deal?
I went to the state fair yesterday and they had a booth selling “calming collars” for dogs. Looks just like a flea collar, but apparently they have a scent that calms dogs down. Stops them from being agitated, barking, stuff like that.

Real or fake?

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Answer by KellyO
Lavender has for years been proven to be an herb that promotes calmness. People have been using it for years – you see it in candles and baby lotion and potpourri.

There is a new craft where people are taking dried lavender and putting it into collars or bandanas that you tie around your dog’s neck. The lavender will help relax your dog. It won’t take a raving maniac and make him calm, but it will mildly relax your dog.

You can do the same thing by getting some lavender lotion and rubbing it on your dog’s fur. Lavender is gentle and will not harm the skin.

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