Debuts New Blog to Demonstrate Self Defense and Personal Safety

Jacksonville, FL (Vocus) June 16, 2010

Web entrepreneur Phillip Harris is pleased to announce the publication of his brand-new blog, Developed as an informational counterpart to his original web store, this interactive platform was designed to provide shoppers with tidbits and tips for general and personal safety as well as demonstrate the features, functionality and benefits of each product available for purchase.

“Our country is almost in a crisis in terms of personal safety and protecting our property, it’s evident if you flip through any newspaper or tune in to any local news broadcast,” Harris said.

At, Harris’ original website, shoppers are invited to browse a vast selection of personal protection devices (nonlethal weapons) such as pepper spray, stun guns, telescopic stun batons, tasers, handcuffs and more. For property protection, choose from products including window/door alarm sensors, motion alarm sensors, surveillance cameras and equipment with hidden lens options, disguisable household safes as well as a variety of child safety items like cabinet locks, outlet plugs and child locators.

“No license is required to obtain or operate any of the safety products available on my site and installation and/or instruction can be completed in just a short period of time,” Harris said.

The website additionally offers metal detectors, fanny packs and purses designed to carry concealed weapons, portable first-aid kits, bear pepper spray (also great for aggressive dogs), electronic dog repellers and more. Shoppers will also be delighted by the extensive amount of information provided about pepper spray and stun guns laws as well as good-to-know tidbits about the available surveillance equipment.

Keep and eye out for new merchandise as Harris will continue to update his website with new products. Stop by today to discover a premium selection of safety products matched with affordable prices to create the ultimate shopping experience!

About the Company: is owned and operated by web entrepreneur, Phillip Harris.

Phillip Harris

(904) 786-1581

iePlexus, Inc.

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