Question by Mishel S: how to start a descriptive paragraph about my dog?
ok so i know what i want to write about. My ony problem is starting the paragraph. I was trying to look for examples online and then make my own out of all, but i can’t find any…i was thinking about “his little black nose wiggles when he smells the fresh scent homemade food.” or “at twenty pounds and less than a _____” im not sure. could someone give me ideas, if you were to write about your dogs? thank you very much if you took the time to help.

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Answer by Ted H
At twenty pounds and less than a foot tall, my best friend, Buster, is a furry ball of energy.

Dogs get into all sorts of trouble and when it comes to eating, nothing is off-limits…

Buster, who is snuggled on the comforter of my bed, is at perfect peace.

Buster has taught me everything I know about dog communication. The toy that is positioned between his feet tells me he thinks he owns it!

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