Question by Sara: I need dog advice, NOW please!!?
I have a 1 year old basenji-german shepherd mix. And she needs to WORK! its so obvious….she has no idea what to do with herself, ever. when we are at home (yea she gets plenty of attention, but still) she walks around with like no idea what she should do…she doesnt just get her toys and play, she walks around everywhere, eventually coming by me or my boyfriend and lying down. shes bored. and with her breed, makes it even more obvious she needs some kind of work. like i said, she just has no idea what to do. next thing, when we are in public she is totally obnoxious, ive had her for 5 months, and still can not train her on the leash without pulling she acts crazy, and when i take her to work (at my kennel job) and put her in the kennel she freaks out the entire shift and barks insanely, which she never does at home.. i have 2 bring her because she also has separation anxiety, and when i would leave she would poo and pee in her cage EVERY single time..but that has stopped now. now she’s taken on a new problem, pooing when she is mad or jealous, when we didn’t let her on our bed because shes to big, she pooed right there on the clothes that were on the floor. she also pooed in her cage the other day cause another dog was here, in a cage as well though? she also pooed on my friend’s shoe because she’s never liked him (the shoe was ON my friend at this moment) i really don’t know what to do anymore! so if anyone has ANY advice, i’d really like to try to get her into some working thing if possible, make her feel like she has something to do, and that she doesn’t need to act this way…thanks a lot for reading..i really am desperate..and don’t have much money for “training classes” as she knows and listens to basic commands.
sheri- ONE-my dog has never been in the shelter
TWO-it wasnt a friend’s dog that was over, it was a stray i found, and i said they were BOTH in cages

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Answer by Gamegirl
has for the pulling if you are walking her and she is pulling go the other way she will catch on that you are the leader of the pack and the walks, play with her give her a job put a dog backpack on her that might help also during the walks.

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