Question by ☽☮★♥ Alphα Fєmmє Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ: My Dog Keeps Throwing Up White Foam…?
I just got a new dog from the pound and have had it for two weeks. I took it to the vet to have its stitches from spaying out. The vet looked the dog over and sent it home. We then took it to have it groomed. I am thinking that because we opted for the flea dip (smelled terribly strong and was still wet with a single streak of pesticide when they handed it over to us telling us not to touch the “medicine” on its back and if we do, wash our hands). Suddenly the dog became ill that night. For two days, it has been ill barfing up white foam.
I am taking my dog to the vet tomorrow morning but would love to hear your feedback. Has anyone else had these experiences?
***I WILL NEVER GO TO PETSMART AGAIN, btw. The grooming didn’t seem too detailed.
Dog is a toy poodle, full breed, 1 year old. Indoor dog.
Food has not been altared or changed.
(Has all shots, as of 1 month ago. Up to date on all shots.)
First time using Petsmart (and last) Used the vet there (would not recommend) and the groomers (rude and horrible!)

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Answer by Jimmy S
could have parvo (not sure if that is how its spelt.
But it could`ve ingested some of the shampoo, I would take it to a vets ASAP, CALL THE EMERGENCY VETS they will advise.

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