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Are “invisible fences” harmful to dogs?

Question by bleh: Are “invisible fences” harmful to dogs?

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Answer by tweetymar
They are not harmful to dogs – but remember they will keep your dog in but anything else can also cross over this fence on to your property. Your dog will not be protected from this.

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Question by Kibble is King of all Crap: Have you given in to the social pressure to neuter your dog only to regret it later?
I didn’t really want to neuter my dog but I was sick of people saying: “What?! He’s NOT neutered??!!” “Why not?!!” “You should really get it done”. I understand the pet overpopulation but there is no way my dog would get another dog pregnant anyway because he simply is never alone out of the house. And I don’t have a female dog in the house. So there was no change of that.
Thanks “Brendon is not dead”. You totally understand!

As for the people saying that he might try to escape the yard? I don’t let him out of my sight and he hasn’t tried to escape for years, why would he have now? Lol
Honeybell, those are the same arguments I have had with people. And they are all true…a lot of people seem to be very brain-washed. After I had my guy neutered and am seeing his pain, I just regretted it so much because I thought: “Wow we actually butcher our pets just because of some people who don’t take responsibility and prevent their pets from uncontrollably mating.” We butcher our pets. What are we doing?
You are correct about the increased risk of Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in pets spayed before the age of 1 year old. I think that too many people spay their pets at too young an age. Very sad.

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Answer by Jesse Rocks
It’s also healthier for your dog to be neutered. You should consider researching topics so that you don’t come across as silly.

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Question by Fiffle: Why do people assume all dogs are lactose intolerant?
I see a lot of people on here talking about the “fact” that all dogs are lactose intolerant. I have had 3 dogs and none of them were lactose intolerant, yogurt is one of their favorite treats and it doesn’t make them irregular. Where is everybody getting this idea?

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Answer by David M
Milk and Dairy Products
It has been reported that as many as 50% of dogs are lactose intolerant. Many dog’s digestive systems do not handle milk or dairy products well. The usual symptom is severe diarrhoea.

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Nice “small Dogs” photos

Some cool small dogs images:

Picture Of A Small Dog Running, Taken From The Top Of A High Tower

Image by Lacey_and_Cielle


Image by wriccobene

Hand crafted and hand painted and stained. Box comes in classic oak only stain and you choice of any of my small breed feeder’s face put on the front of box. It also had dog stickers on the front (stickers may very) It has a bone cutout at each end which can also be used as handles. The inside dimensions are 19 ½” long, 10 ½” wide, 10 ¼” high and the outside dimensions are
21 ½” .long. 12” wide and 11 ½” high.
Breeds & colors available for small set:
Basset Hound – Brown w/white trim
Beagle-Black & white w/oak stain
Boston Terrier- black w/white trim
Cocker Natural w/shellac
Dachshund – Colonial maple stain or black
Poodle – White w/cream trim or black
Pomeranian-Oak stain
Pug-Cream or black
Rat Terrier-Black & white
Scottie – Black
Shih Tzu-White w/oak stain
Terrier – White w/tan trim
Welsh Corgi
Westie – White
Yorkie – Black w/oak stain
Price is .00

Aug. 17 Small Dog Playgroup

Image by K9 Playgroups

Q&A: Is “Science Diet” a Good Dog Food Brand?

Question by Don’t breed or buy: Is “Science Diet” a Good Dog Food Brand?
If you don’t believe it is, what are some good brands?

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Answer by ko-ko
NO!!!!! try Innova or Flint River Ranch

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