Question by D-Mag: Did you win anything the last time you gambled?
His stump was punched up
against the front of the machine
and he would lean in close to me when he
pushed the button.
He had shoulder length black hair
greased back into a pony tail
and his face was a deep and dying tan.
He didn’t wear glasses
and you could see the emptiness in his white eyes,
streaked with a dull gray smear.
I figured he was in his fifties
but he acted like he had gone blind only yesterday.
“Was it a pay? Did I win?”
I looked around for his keeper
and saw a woman with a hot
dog cart and cigarettes.
I went for the smokes.
When I lit up he asked me to blow it at him
and I figured it was time to speak.
“Are you with somebody?”
He said he was going to ask me the same thing,
because he didn’t have a clue
if he was with anybody or not.
Then he laughed and tapped the button again.
“Did I win?”
There’s music when you win, I said,
and he said there was music everywhere,
even when you lose,
and I blew smoke at his dirty eyes.
When the hot dog lady came back around
he said he smelled cancer
and I said maybe I have it
and he laughed and smacked his stump.
“We all have cancer” he said.
“Every God damned one of us.”

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Answer by Cilla
Quite a story, again reminding me of Jim Shoe.
We all have cancer. A thought that may stay with me for a while.
EDIT: I think you won something – a little perspective maybe?

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