Some cool the dog images:

The Dog House Inside

Image by teresia
The Dog House outside:

Hair of the Dog Fred

Image by Bernt Rostad
Fred from the Portland’s own Hair of the Dog Brewing Company was the first beer out at Higgins. It’s a 10% abv bottle conditioned (batch 72) Golden Special Ale, though I guess most people would call it a Barley Wine. Sweet, flavorful and pretty good!

Hair of the Dog Adam

Image by familynight
Hair of the Dog – Adam (Batch 75)

Hearty Old World Ale. 10% abv. Portland, OR, USA.

From the website: "Adam is a recreation of a historic beerstyle. Originally made in Dortmunder, Germany, it was the first beer I produced when I opened Hair of the Dog. Rich in flavor, Adam is best served as a dessert beer.It is great with chocolate or cigars, or just a warm fire and good company.It has 10% alcohol by volume and 50 IBUs. "

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company

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