Question by Ashleigh M.: Shih Tzu Dog Problems?
Ok so Im taking care of my friends 1 yr old Shih Tzu and im supposed to be evaluating her to see how I can help them overcome her “problems”. I have solved most of them but there are a couple I just dont know what to do…
1) She gets very anxious in the are, pants and wines ALOT
2) Barks while im gone, she has toys and chew bones but she still barks. I leave her in a crate also beacuse they say she chews, i alwasy leave a bone and a toy in with her
3) I have not seen her do this but they say she has problems with there other dog while feeding. I think she just bugs the other dog, and becomes very hyper and in her face and such….
4) I have also not have her done this while iv had her but she scratches the dog and creates a hupla outside when she wants in.
If you have any ideas on what the owners can do to prevent these behavers I would LOVE to hear them x] Thanks!!

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Answer by Do You Want to Know a Secret?
1) Anxiety can show something is wrong with her… Review your gestures, way of speaking and anxiety (if you are anxious, the dog will be as well). If she pants a lot, may mean she is hot… Turn off the heater.
2) Avoid leaving her alone in the house, and when so, have someone keeping an eye on her. When you really have to leave her, make sure your house is “puppy-safe”. Put calm, classical music, hide the most fragile items on a closed room, close the windows and NEVER lock her in a diferent room…
3) This is a dominance issue. The best is to prevent. Eat in front of her, lying on the ground, and ignore her fustration. When you finish, feed her a treat – this way she will learn that growling will never make her earn anything.
4) Everytime you see her scratch the other dog, 1st say “no” in a calm voice. For the second time, say “no” in a louder, harsher voice. For the third, say “no” while you pinch her nose. On the fourth, hold her and give her a shake while you say a loud “no!”. This is the way that dog mothers do when they see brothers and sisters hurting each other.

Good luck

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