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Effective Methods of Training Your Dog

Effective Methods of Training Your Dog

Training your dog is something that each and every owner of a pet has to associate with. You have to use time doing what requires to be done and carrying it out efficiently. Pet owners who do not train their animals effectively will have to go through difficulty down the road with misconduct and distressed neighbors. It is worthwhile to get the dog training through as soon as feasible.

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Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 21-27 – Doggone Safe Offers Tips and Resources for Dog Bite Prevention Through Education

Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 21-27 – Doggone Safe Offers Tips and Resources for Dog Bite Prevention Through Education

Campbellville, ON (PRWEB) May 17, 2006 -–

During the third week in May, the U.S. Postal Service, the American Veterinary Medical Assoc. (AMVA), Doggone Safe Inc. and other organizations will be calling attention to one of the nation’s most commonly reported public health problems: dog bites.

Doggone Safe, a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education offers free information at its website to help promote safety messages during dog bite prevention week. Doggone Safe also promotes the “Doggone Safe Be a Tree” children’s program. This program, for school age children, is a short presentation with large photos and lots of activities to teach children to understand the signs dogs send with their body language. The central message of this program is “Be a Tree”. That is, stand still if a strange dog approaches or any dog is threatening or overly frisky.

Doggone Safe offers the following tips for parents and dog owners to help keep kids safe:

The 3 Most Important Things to Teach Your Kids

1. Dogs Don’t Like Hugs and Kisses – Teach your kids not to hug or kiss a dog on the face. Hugging the family dog or face-to-face contact are common causes of bites to the face. Instead, teach kids to scratch the dog on the chest or the side of the neck.

2. Be a Tree if a Strange Dog Approaches – Teach kids to stand still, like a tree. Trees are boring and the dog will eventually go away. This works for strange dogs and any time the family dog gets too frisky or becomes aggressive.

3. Never Tease a Dog – and never disturb a dog that’s sleeping, eating or protecting something.

The 2 Most Important Things Parents Can Do

1. Supervise – Don’t assume your dog is good with kids. If a toddler must interact with your dog, you should have your hands on the dog too. Even if your dog is great with kids and has never bitten – why take a chance?

2. Train the dog – Take your dog to obedience classes where positive-reinforcement is used. Never pin, shake, choke, hold the dog down or roll the dog over to teach it a lesson. Dogs treated this way are likely to turn their aggression on weaker family members. Involve older children in training the family dog while supervising. Don’t allow children to punish the dog and don’t punish the dog yourself. Condition the dog to enjoy the presence and actions of children using positive experiences.

The 3 Most Important Things Dog Owners Can Do

1. Spay or Neuter Your Dog – Neutered pets are calmer, healthier and less likely to be aggressive. Neutering prevents unwanted dogs that may end up in shelters or in less than ideal conditions where they may grow up to be poorly socialized or aggressive.

2. Condition Your Dog for the World – Give your puppy lots of new positive experiences. Train using positive methods e.g. clicker training.

3. Supervise Your Dog – Supervise your dog at all times around children. Do not allow children to hug and kiss the dog. If visiting children are bothering your dog, put the dog away or send the children home.

In addition Doggone Safe offers resources for use during dog bite prevention week, which include a parent guide, activity and coloring pages for kids, safety pamphlet for parents, a three-minute slide show/video and public service announcements for radio in script and recorded form. These materials can be accessed through the website

Doggone Safe has experts in dog training, dog behavior and dog bite prevention education available for interview.

About Doggone Safe Inc.:

The not-for-profit Doggone Safe mandate is based on jurors recommendations following an inquest into the mauling death of 8 year old Courtney Trempe in Ontario, Canada. Along with their many educational programs, Doggone Safe also provides victim support and administers the Courtney Trempe Memorial fund, in honor of her memory, to help provide trauma counseling (not provided by insurance) for child dog bite victims and their families.

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Powderhouse Productions Sees Growth in Massachusetts Media Production.

Powderhouse Productions Sees Growth in Massachusetts Media Production.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 16, 2009

Powderhouse Productions, a national leader in the creation and production of non-fiction primetime television programming, today announced that it has renewed its production contract for the highly successful Animal Planet series, Dogs 101. This announcement is the latest win in a period of growth for the company, and for the Media & Entertainment industry in Massachusetts. Powderhouse has been producing high profile prime-time programming from its Somerville studios for over 15 years.

“We are definitely seeing a period of dramatic growth. We’ve more than doubled our number of employees in the past year,” said Joel Olicker, co-founder and CEO of Powderhouse Productions. “Its clear the industry as a whole is going through a major upheaval. As one of the largest entertainment companies in Massachusetts, we feel very well positioned to take advantage of this region’s resources and talent to continue growing and pushing into new areas.

The company points to a number of factors, which give Massachusetts an advantage in this shifting market. Massachusetts’s universities are consistently producing graduates well qualified for the wide range of jobs and careers in Media & Entertainment. The tax environment in Massachusetts has given the area a boost when companies are considering investing in this industry. Also, rapid gains in technology make remote collaboration possible between creative team members across the country or the planet.

“The Massachusetts Advantage is so much more than movie stars flying in and shooting at great locations,” said Tug Yourgrau, Founder and President of Powderhouse Productions. “Our programs are shot all over the world, and now more than ever before, we can bring it all back here for shooting, editing and post-production. Considering the type of non-fiction programming we do, we see the advent of High Definition and digital television, the continued growth of cable, and the explosion in web and mobile video all pointing to a vibrant and healthy industry. We are really at the beginning of a very exciting new era.”

About Powderhouse Productions:

Powderhouse is an award-winning cable and broadcast content development production company based in Somerville, MA. They have produced such hit programs as: Dogs 101, Build it Bigger, Extreme Engineering and Raising Cain. Powderhouse programs are seen on many of the most well-known cable networks in the world, such as Discovery, Animal Planet, History Channel as well as many PBS stations nationwide. Internationally, their series and programs have been seen in over 200 countries. Powderhouse’s work has been recognized with a national prime time Emmy nomination, The Beijing International Science Film Festival Silver Medal, The Houston World Fest Gold Special Jury Award, The CINDY Award, The National Educational Media Network’s Bronze Apple Award, The Communicators Award – Crystal Award of Excellence and The Cine Gold Eagle.

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Kelly Rostad

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Dog Supplies : How to Buy a Dog Grooming Kit

Buy a dog grooming kit that includes hypoallergenic shampoo, de-tangling conditioner, a scrubbing pad and hair clippers. Contact a local groomer about the best place to buy dog grooming supplies with advice from a certified dog trainer in this free video on dog grooming. Expert: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg Contact: Bio: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog trainer in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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Are You Ready To Eat Dog Food? A Family Day of Fun in Pasadena

Are You Ready To Eat Dog Food? A Family Day of Fun in Pasadena

My Pet Garden Grand Opening Pasadena CA

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) August 27, 2007

Wake up Pet and Plant lovers in Pasadena, My Pet Garden has come to town and you can experience it in one very special grand opening day. At My Pet Garden we are Crazy About Pets and Plants. Want to eat some dog food?

Where can you meet Paul Owens, The Original Dog Whisperer and publisher of Raise with Praise, partake in a “Super Amazing My Pet Garden Party Menu Pet Food Cook-Off Challenge”, have your kids ride a pony, Paint a Pet Bowl or Paint a Flower Pot and Plant a Marigold, have your pet meet with a Pet Psychic and get complimentary dog training lessons?

The answer is easy! On September 9th from 10am to 4pm, My Pet Garden will be sharing their passion for Pets and Plants with you at their Grand Opening. This will be unlike any grand opening you have experienced. It’s a day for you, your pets, and your kids, so bring the whole family. We have something for everyone!

What is the Super Amazing My Pet Garden Party Menu Pet Food Cook-Off Challenge? It is an opportunity to eat dog food and have a great reason for it; it’s safe. The healthiest dog food brands will put their dog food to the test, the human test. Innova, Merricks and some of the healthiest dog food will be cooked up for our panel of celebrity judges. Imagine humans eating dog food. Can it get any safer for your pet?

Oh yeah, we will donate the proceeds of the Grand Opening to the Pasadena Humane Society.

Date:         September 9th, 2007

Time:         10am to 4pm

Location:     My Pet Garden

                    2245 E Colorado Blvd.

                    Roosevelt and Colorado

                    Pasadena, CA 91107

Be A Judge? In addition to our celebrity panel of judges, we would like some more judges to eat some dog food and let everyone know how great it tastes. Call 626-449-1600 and let us know you want to be a judge.


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