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Why Prevent Heartworm?

Untreated Heartworm Disease Can Be Fatal

A tiny bite from just one mosquito is all it takes for the parasite to enter your pet's body and bloodstream. Over time, heartworm larvae can grow into long worms that live in the heart and major vessels surrounding the heart. The heart muscles get weakened and the pet's lungs slowly get obstructed. If left undetected or untreated, the worms can even cause sudden death.

This is why heartworm preventives are important and should be administered year-round. Tablet or topical treatments are available for you to administer once a month, or the veterinarian can give your pet a preventive injection every six months. A yearly heartworm test and preventives are crucial for minimizing your pet's risk of contracting this serious disease.

Banfield's Applied Research and Knowledge (BARK) team reports that heartworm disease is most prevalent for dogs in Mississippi (6.7%), Arkansas (6.3%), Louisiana (5.0%), Alabama (2.9%) and Texas (2.6%). According to BARK, dogs living in the south central region are almost 30 times as likely to test positive for heartworms than dogs living in the northwest region.

But it doesn't matter where you live because heartworm disease is present in all 50 states and has been diagnosed during every month of the year and in every state where there is a Banfield hospital. Although heartworm disease can affect both dogs and cats, it is not as common in cats.

In the early stages of the disease, your pet might not show any symptoms. In fact, in most cases, a pet will show no initial signs of having the disease. But the development of a persistent cough, a reluctance to exercise, fatigue after light exercise and a decrease in appetite and weight can be indications that the disease is present. Cats' symptoms of heartworm disease can include vomiting, rapid breathing and weight loss.

Diagnosis and Treatment
Following a heartworm test, your veterinarian will perform a complete blood count and urinalysis if your dog is diagnosed with the disease. The medication for treatment (immiticide) is used to kill adult heartworms and stop them from reproducing and involves multiple special injections by a veterinarian and strict exercise restriction. You will be instructed to limit your dog's activity during treatment and keep its blood pressure and heartbeat low. Too many worms in the lungs can clog blood vessels and potentially cause death. In addition, routine blood work will be done by your veterinarian to monitor the progress. After treatment, year-round heartworm preventives will be recommended to prevent re-infection.

There is no approved treatment in the United States for heartworm disease in cats and so prevention of the disease is particularly crucial. 

Reprint of article – courtesy of Banfield Pet Hospital. 

Question by I love Kumo: Why does Cesar Millan call himself a dog “psychologist”?
Apparently he has no formal education. He is there to change the dog’s behavior and mind as well as the owners. Wouldn’t that make him a trainer or a perhaps a councelor? He does not formally study dog behavior as in testing and making data but rather just experiencing and observing.

Why does he confidently claim to be a dog “psychologist/behaviorist”?
Also, what are your opinions on this?

Best answer:

Answer by jackie
not sure… maybe hejust oes so he has a title besides the dog whisperer…

Give your answer to this question below!

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Bobby Gorgeous Pledges to Give Local Charities Big Boost if Named America’s Cutest Dog

Bobby Gorgeous Pledges to Give Local Charities Big Boost if Named America’s Cutest Dog

Los Angeles (PRWEB) September 23, 2009

Bobby Gorgeous has walked red carpets, attended Hollywood parties and has even been featured on TV for his impeccable fashion sense and impressive talents (which include magical illusions and surfing, thanks to his Hawaiian roots). Now, the five-year old, white Pomeranian is hoping that his million dollar good looks will award him the title of the America’s Cutest Dog Competition and the million dollar grand prize so he can follow his true dream of giving back to his native Hawaii and the animal friends that need him most.

If voted the America’s Cutest Dog, Bobby pledges to give 25% of his winnings to both the Hawaiian Humane Society ( and Malama Na Honu, a Hawaiian sea turtle protection group (, two organizations important to the pup. Another 10% will be given to Main Line Animal Rescue for their continued work in the rescue and placement of abused, unwanted and abandoned companion animals.

To be named top dog, Bobby must be voted #1 in the preliminary week-by-week contests to advance to the final round where he’ll compete against the 11 other weekly winners. Each day, during Week 8 of the competition (from Sunday, September 20 – Saturday, September 26) Americans are urged to cast their vote for Bobby at and help bring him one step closer to changing the lives of countless animals, both on land and underwater.

If advanced to the final round, a second round of voting for Bobby Gorgeous will begin in late October and the winner will be announced on Thanksgiving Day. Starting on September 20, you can cast your vote for Bobby Gorgeous at

About Bobby Gorgeous

A native of Honolulu, Bobby Gorgeous’ natural puppy talents and love for the spotlight landed him in Los Angeles where he now attends the hottest parties, commands the attention of a crowd, and brings a smile to the faces of those around him. When he’s not modeling the latest puppy fashions, the five-year old, white Pomeranian enjoys surfing, giving back to his community, being pampered by his owner Guylynn Gia, and playing with his sister Sophie Gorgeous. To learn more about Bobby Gorgeous visit


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