Lassie Comes Out of Retirement to Co-host Show that Teaches Owners How to Train Their Dog to Obey

(PRWEB) April 17, 2005

If you can click button then you too have got what it takes to successful train your dog in 36 obedience skills. This novel, light-hearted, but sincere training program is based upon the old-time Lassie radio and TV shows.

The program consists of nine sessions, 4-parts each, of 36 audio MP3 programs. The audios cover everything from basic puppy training, all the way to how to know when it’s time to trust your dog without a leash.

The audios are produced in sitcom-fashion so the listener is hard-pressed to know for sure whether or not the audios aren’t part of a pre-recorded live audience show. Each audio provides a humorous but detailed explanation of how to accomplish a particular dog training technique.

The mini-shows, for lack of a better description, come complete with background music, Lassie barking, and what sounds like a live audience. You’ll just have to hear for yourself to get the true flavor. It’s dog training at home made fun.

The audio lessons can be downloaded and burned onto your favorite CD so you can take the shows on the road. Written summaries of every show are provided in PDF format and they can be printed out and dog-earred if you prefer.

You might especially want to print out the Homemade Dog Treats bonus PDF so you have it handy in the kitchen while “Rover” patiently awaits the fruits of your labor.

Skip reading a boring ebook or driving all over town to find someone who will train “Rover” to obey your every command. Here’s a fun and exciting alternative you can do yourself at home.

Download a free 30-minute audio sample of the program by visiting the following URL…

Here’s what others are saying…

Wow, this is simply terrific! You were right, we had so much fun listening to this program. And it really did remind us of the old Lassie TV show! Thanks for the sneak preview. We’ve already started using it and I’m recommending it to everyone I know who has a dog!

Kate S., Chicago, IL

Where were you when I was dog-earring my training materials and trying to teach my Terry how to do some of this stuff? I could have saved a hell of a lot of time and grief if I’d have had this program when I first started out… you really ought to be in radio. This is awesome!

Tammi K., St. Petersburg, FL

My hubby was gone for a couple of weeks and when he returned he couldn’t believe the difference in our dog’s behavior. He was certain I’d somehow switched the dog!

Diane H., San Diego, CA

Totally ROCKS! The neighbors are impressed. I’m impressed. Heck, I think even my dog’s impressed!

Jeremy C., New Orleans, LA

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