Question by marwash: Do you agree with the following statement?
“If the decision was placed on my shoulders and mine alone, i would undoubtedly let every cat and dog in the world die a painful death, to cure AIDS and all forms of Cancer”.

We had this posed to us in my Ethics class last semester and to my surprise the majority of the class wrote their paper in support of NOT letting the animals die. I found it ridiculous that people could logically, and with a straight face argue against curing diseases which kill millions of PEOPLE, only to benefit the lives of animals. Listening to what people wrote, they seemed to have gotten hung up on the word “painful”, as if it mattered whether or not the animals died quickly or were tortured before death. To me it’s outrageous to think animals and humans are equal on any level.

What do you think?
To be clear, this didn’t just come out of thin air. The assignment was contrived after PETA representatives and other organizations did an awareness thing; which was mostly about animal testing.

Best answer:

Answer by DJB
HELL NO! Animals have just the right as humans do who ever said that statment is a complete dip sh1t.

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