Question by Gidget: Why do some dogs lick there owners” and others do not. Should I discourage this?
My little rescue poodle did not “lick” as a habit when we first brought her home, but after having her more than a year, we have created a tight bond, and now she licks my hands when she is in my arms.. Should I tell her “no”? Or should I just draw away? I think this is getting worse as time goes on and although I love her affection, it doesn’t appear very sanitary to onlookers. Any advice is appreciated.

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Answer by TrustMe
Licking comes from wolves. Weaker wolves in the pack had to lick the Alpha male or they’d be banished from pack. That instinct is still present in today’s dogs. So when they lick you, they tell you that you’re their ‘leader’.

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