How Healthy Is Your Dog? May Is Dog Health Awareness Month

(PRWEB) April 19, 2005

Just how healthy is your dog? As more and more people continue to view their pets as an integral part of the family, this question is being raised in earnest. According to the APPMA, spending on the family dog has doubled from just ten years ago. Organic dog food, treats, natural supplements and vitamins play a key role as dog owners do everything they can to ensure their furry family members lead healthy lives.

To celebrate this growing awareness, Online retailer Pup Life is once again sponsoring Dog Health Awareness Month in May. The owners of Pup Life have seen their business grow along with dog owners’ new attitudes. “We’ve seen a definite increase in sales of organic dog food and treats. Conscientious dog owners want to know exactly what their best friend is eating” says Eric Houtkooper, President of Pup Life. “The increased availability of organic dog food, gentler dog training products and all-natural grooming products are solid indications that people want their pets to live healthier, holistic lives. Pup Life is proud to sell all-natural dog products, and we do what we can to educate new dog owners whenever possible,” remarked Mr. Houtkooper. As part of Pup Life’s Dog Health Awareness Month, the web site ( will feature several articles specifically focusing on how to protect and enhance your dog’s health. One dog care tip that is especially relevant right now, according to Pup Life CEO Leslie Hayes- Houtkooper, is to be aware of the danger of heartworm disease. Dog owners need to discuss heartworm prevention with their veterinarian. “As a safeguard, many veterinarians recommend annual or biannual screening tests even for dogs that are on heartworm preventives,” says Mrs. Hayes-Houtkooper. “Heartworm is a silent killer. That’s why it’s so important to work with your vet on a heartworm prevention plan. Your dog’s life may depend on it.”

Another simple health affirming strategy for dogs and owners alike has been well tested and proven over time. “Exercise and eat right,” says Leslie. “It makes a world of difference for dogs. Most dogs need more exercise than they actually get. Many people find that when they increase the amount of exercise their dogs get, behavior problems like chewing, barking and digging diminish greatly. Furthermore, engaging with your dog mentally as well as physically is not only good for her, it is also good for you,” she continued. Eric agreed, saying “Grab yourself some great fetch toys and play outside with your dog. Set up a schedule so playtime does not get postponed.” Eric also recommends using playtime as a way to integrate dog training into a busy schedule. “Dogs love to learn, especially if they can earn rewards like yummy treats along the way,” he added.

This is the second year that Pup Life is sponsoring May as Dog Health Awareness Month. Pup Life will be offering deep discounts on healthy treats, dog food and natural supplements all month long to encourage dog owners to think about evaluating their dog’s health. “Once owners try our healthy dog food, treats and supplements, most stick with them and never go back to the cheaper chain store brands” claims Leslie Hayes-Houtkooper. She added, “Healthier dogs mean fewer vet bills, and that is good for you and your dog.”

Pup Life is one of the fastest growing web sites in the pet supply industry and will celebrate it’s second anniversary this September. Pup Life carries natural dog food and treats, designer dog collars and pet carriers, as well as crates, toys and grooming supplies. Pup Life has been featured in 944 Magazine, Miva Corporation’s online Galleria and most recently launched the Pup Life Dog Blog (, a blog for dogs and their people.


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