Question by Nhi: What grain free dog kibble should I choose to help my itching dog’s coat?
Here is what someone told me about how to treat my dog’s itching problem.

“Itching can be cause by an overgrowth of bacteria and yeast. And if she has hot spots, those are a bacterial skin infection. The best way to reduce bacteria and reduce itching is to reduce carbohydrates in the diet. Carbs are what bacteria and yeast feed on. Solid Gold does have a really good low carb formula called Barking at the Moon. The rest of the formulas are pretty high in carbs.

As for shampoos, oatmeal is a carbohydrate. So it can actually cause bacteria to grow and spread on the skin. Oatmeal is great for dry skin but not if there is any kind of infection. Its best to go with an antimicrobial shampoo. Earthbath makes a tea tree oil and aloe one that would be great. If you want something stronger look for a 4% chlorhexidine shampoo”

I found this very informative, so today I went and exchange my Earthbath shampoo with Oatmeal + Aloe for the Tea Tree + Aloe. It is working, last night she was itching a lot after bathing her with the Oatmeal shampoo, so I bathe her again today just to get rid of the shampoo from yesterday.. I do not bathe my dogs regularly because I know it’s not good.

Anyways, I think one of my dogs has a lot of allergies. She’s always itching and her skin is sometimes red. Most likely it’s hot spots..

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong because I am feeding them Solid Gold – hund n flocken(sp).. I know it’s not grain free but I thought grain isn’t necessarily bad… However, the guy said it’s high in carbs and that may be a reason one of my dog is itching? That is why, I am wondering about grain free products.. if it helps with allergies.. I tried contacting a vet to see if they can find out what my dog is allergic to but he hasn’t contact me back yet so.. I’m waiting.

Anyways, back to which grain free dog kibble I should get? I want a product that has high protein but low carbs.

The following products I know of that are grain free, high protein, low carbs are,

Solid Gold Barking at the Moon
Blue Wilderness

Is there anything else that can help my dog’s coat + itching?

I really wanted to switch to Orijen but I’m not sure if it’s low carbs.. I’ve researched a lot about dog kibbles but never really understand which is better..

I really want the food to have high content of omega 3 so it can help my dog’s coat.
That is why, I think I should go for a fish based formula..

ALSO, I do not understand the analysis on dog food. What numbers am I suppose to know if it’s good or not?

EXAMPLE if i’m not making sense.

On the bag, there’s a spot where it says Guarantee Analysis. It has stuff like

Protein 13%
Fiber 8%
Omega 6 3%
Omega 3 1%

These are just random numbers. Help??
Vets do not know anything about dog food. They recommend you food that are in their office which are usually always low quality food such as science diet.

There’s always ways to treat your dog instead of taking it to a vet if the task is simple. However, I plan on taking her to a vet to find out what her allergies may be.. I already contacted my vet, he just haven’t responded yet..

I’m simply asking about high quality grain free product. Thanks.

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Answer by Rocket Man
Take him to the vet, get the vet to recommend some food that your dog will be able to handle.

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