Question by Bobblez: Are there any books anyone can recommend, to help me learn about the Beauceron dog?
I bought 1 book -“Beauceron Dog Breed Profile” off Amazon, and it was basically a total ripoff, with about a 3 page book.
I have also pre-ordered another 1 that is coming out in January.

But are there any books in general to give me tips on:

and things like that?

Best answer:

Answer by UHave2BeKiddingMe-BAH HUMBUG
Visit the Beauceron club website.

Here is some information
Although they are relatively easy to train and obedient, the Beauceron is not a dog for novice owners. This breed requires an experienced, dedicated and active owner as they have strong personalities and a need for both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Under-stimulated dogs can become destructive as well as difficult to handle and may exercise their frustrations on you or your home. The decision to add a Beauceron to your household should be well thought out and agreed to by every family member.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when looking for a Beauceron:

The Beauceron is a confident, highly intelligent, independent and strong-willed dog. They are typically very protective of their owners and their territory and are generally reserved or aloof with strangers. Beaucerons are slow to mature compared to many other large breed dogs, so don’t expect your dog to “act like an adult” until around three years of age.

Although the Beauceron is judged in the herding group, they are tending dogs and do not work stock in the same manner as a Border Collie. Their instinct is to be rather “velcro-like” with their owners, which should not be mistaken for lack of confidence. The Beauceron who follows his owner from room to room is simply doing what comes naturally – that is, “tending the flock”. This can be a bit unnerving when your dog barges into the bathroom and stares at you while you take a shower!

Beaucerons can be physically demonstrative with their owners. This can take the form of jumping up on you, leaping through the air as high as your face with all four paws off the ground, or running toward you at full speed only to (hopefully) swerve away at the last minute. Beaucerons can also be very “mouthy” dogs. Some prefer to have something in their mouths almost all the time, while others tend to grab at your hands or clothes. This behavior is not limited just to puppies and can continue well into adulthood.

The Beauceron is an active, athletic breed that requires a great deal of physical and mental exercise. Owners must be prepared to provide the mental and physical activity that the dog needs on a daily basis. This is not a couch-potato dog! Some lines of Beaucerons have an endless supply of energy and cannot be tired out. A bored Beauceron is likely to find something to do that isn’t good for the dog, you or your home.

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