Question by g.: my dog wont do ANYTHING?
wednesday night my family got a 6 month old pug. we have a 9 month old too that is pretty much fully trained. the breeder we bought the dog from said it is trained to go outside/not bark and of course, “come!”. when it’s in the crate at night, it whines for 10 minutes before shutting up, but if you open a door, it wakes up and starts all over again. now, it starts barking at people. i have been told to say “no bark” in order to train it, but it’s not working. now the most annoying part is when i take it out 4 times this morning and it will not go to the bathroom. is it because of the snow on the ground? the other pug has no problem with this. i take it inside and try to get it to pee on those training pee pee pad things, but it runs away. at this point i’m praying it’ll just shit on the floor so it will just go!
what should i do to make it go to the bathroom outside, stop barking, etc. ?
thanks for the answers!
as for the gender, it’s a girl.
the crate is right next to that of my other pug’s, if that helps. i was told last night to separate them, this pug came in my room and the other in my sister’s. tonight we’re putting them back together-anyone disagree with this?

as for the scheduling too- we feed both dogs at the same time, and that’s working out well. there is a path shoveled for the dogs to go to the bathroom, and we brought both dogs out together earlier today. my pug still didn’t go. i have to keep bringing her out once an hour because she still hasn’t gone, and i dont want to bring the other out into the cold just to watch my pug sit there and do nothing.

i hope this helps, thanks a lot everyone.

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Answer by Sunny-USA
My dog is the same…doesn’t like snow. So shovel a path to an open spot shoveled & walk out with it. It can be frustrating, you just need to find what works without getting so angry. Don’t yell at the dog when it barks. I trained mine at the Shhhh sound to stop. It took awhile to train…but that’s part of having a dog. Patience.

Good luck!

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