REMEMBER TO WALK THE DOG. “SUPER DOG BOWL HALFTIME SHOW” audition tape by the Canine Symphony Orchestra. FOOTBALL? Dogs don’t care about football. Every Sunday my buddies and I meet to run our dogs. We meet around 9:30 am Would the NFC AND AFC AND NFL and ESPN and NBC and OMG and WTF please schedule the big game to start around 11:15? I’m usually back from my dogwalk by then. That would be super! Actually, this song was originally entitled “We Love Canada.” And as much as we do love Canada, the sound on it just wasn’t very good. Meanwhile, the nice folks at Apple came out with ilife 11, and the upgrades to Garageband and imovie allowed me to make mondo improvements in the sound. I’m not kidding about the remember to walk the dog stuff on these big football Sundays. DON’T FORGET TO WALK THE DOG! Don’t sit on the couch all day, stuffing your face. At least go out and walk the dog first.

Krypto the Superdog – episode 33 – Superdog? Who’s Superdog? — Krypto gets amnesia due to red kryptonite and can’t remember who he is. The Junkyard Dogs try to turn him into a bad dog.
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