Question by tanya: How to get my dog to stop barking?
My dog sleeps in a kennel in a bedroom across the hall from mine. She is a one-year-old boxer. I take her outside every morning at 4am to pee or else she will do it in her cage (which is another problem I cannot seem to fix). Then at 6:30am, she starts barking. I have tried the bark collar, “bark off,” and leaving a TV or radio on in the room. The spray water bottle doesn’t work either because as soon as she hears you moving toward her room, she stops barking so I can never get to her in time to spray her in the act of barking. We have also tried just ignoring her, but she just continues to bark and it is very hard to go back to sleep with a barking dog. PLEASE HELP!

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Answer by Shozbot
sounds to me like its time for it to have a little accident .

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