Question by Grace Brazell: Does anyone know of a Kong stuffing recipe that is “people food” free?
I am 13 and my dog, Eowyn, is a rescue lab of about 40-50 pounds. Several weeks ago, my brother and I both chipped in to buy Eowyn a stuff able toy called a “Chuckle” from Cabela’s. It works on the same concept as a Kong, so Kong stuffing would work in it. Unfortunately, my mother has outlawed giving Eowyn people food; no peanut butter, bread, honey, meat etc. I’ve been putting in just plain “Science Diet” puppy chow, but it really just falls out. I need to find a recipe for “people food” free Kong stuffing, Does anyone have one they would share?

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Answer by Jes Martinez
Why? Ur mother is just being difficult, a great recipe I use is, peanut butter with oat meal. Oat meal is good for u as well as ur dog, it helps their teeth and coat.

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