Question by Brian Black: hufflepuffs mascot….why a badger why not a wolf?
i like badgers and all but hufflepuffs are about loyalty and what is more loyal than a wolf/dog. i mean it even makes sense ..the big bad wolf HUFFed and he PUFFed and come on i know badgers are awesome but they arent exactly threating like the lion eagle and snake plus our mascot the badger has started the popular “good finders” qualities … no where in the books does it say hufflepuffs are good finders and yes i know AVPM made tht up but they got it by looking up bagder qualities. and to those saying tht any loyal animal could work like the dolphin an such should not even answer this question…because hufflepuff’s elemental symbol is EARTH not water

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Answer by Kaitlyn
Because badgers are bad***

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