Well we didnt get it tonight but it is coming with a 78lb Blue from this lake,We feel its there. Just got in had a good trip with Big E (MoD) from crappie.com . Mike (MasterBaiter)got us us some good bait.I hate to report I was wishing for white perch.They work great right now 4 inch live hooked in back carolina rigged. Tried a couple on planner bobber tonight with no results,but the stripers are coming and I am sure we will get plently action with them this wek coming up…Opps did I say striper.A few nice ones being caught on minnows already up in cedar creek. The chart was on time again and we got three fish in a couple hours inculding getting some fresh bait.We had crap,bream.shad.gizzards and threadfins,white perch. I will post video as some as I edit it. Great trip thanks guys.

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