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Teaching Your Dog to Lie Down

Basic Training, Part 2 – Teaching Your Dog to Lie Down


Once your dog is sitting every time you ask, teaching her to lie down on command needs to be next on your agenda. A well-mannered dog that sits and lies down on command is a dog that will not jump on strangers or grab at food, treats, and toys.

While holding a treat in your hand, ask her to sit, making sure her eyes are on your face and you command her full attention.

Hold the treat directly in front of her nose and lower your hand to the floor. Say the word “Down” in a kind, but firm tone as you drop your hand. You may have to kneel or crouch close to the floor to make this move effective.

At this point, your pet should lower her head and drop her shoulders to follow the treat. If she doesn’t, repeat the gesture using your vocal command, and gently push down on her shoulders with the other to show what “Down” means.

When she lies down, give her the treat and pet and praise her. Make this a consistent part of your training – ask, reward, and praise.

Allow her to get up, then repeat the “Sit” and “Down” commands until she is responding on her own. At some point, you can slowly begin to withdraw the treats when she begins to react without them.

Practice this part of your training every time you want to give her a treat. As when you were teaching her to sit, only pursue this part of her learning in 20-minute increments. 


What is a good name for a Dog Training company?

Question by Becky: What is a good name for a Dog Training company?
My husband is starting his own Dog Training company and we’re trying to figure out what to name this company.

Any ideas?

If you have a dog, what kind of company name would encourage you to inquire about services? Something professional and straight forward? (ie: John Smith- Certified Dog Trainer) Or maybe something more catchy and fun? (ie: Wag Wranglers)

We plan on being the lowest priced training in the area because most other trainers want CRAZY ridiculous amounts to train dogs. We think this service should be affordable for ALL families, because we believe having a family dog enriches the lives of children who grow up in a home with a dog… therefore we want to make having a WELL TRAINED family dog easily attainable for everyone in our area. We also plan on working with local shelters to rescue and train dogs in order for them to have a better chance at adoption. Finding a 4 year old dog at a shelter may seem like a lot of work at first glance… until you find out that this 4 year old dog has had verifyable advanced training by a certified professional, and might even show off a few tricks for you. Plus, any dog that goes through our program gets free refresher training for life. If you adopt a trained “rescue dog” we’ll even do a free homecoming session with the new owner and dog, to help with the transition into the dog’s new home. Every dog deserves a loving home, no matter what their age.

lol… sorry for going off on a bit of a rabbit trail, there. Just wanted you to have a bit of background. :)

Thank you so much for any insight you might have!

Best answer:

Answer by Fillip
Hounds and Bitches: Submission is Our Business.

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Dynamite Replaces Plastic Containers as Earth Day Approaches

Dynamite Replaces Plastic Containers as Earth Day Approaches

Callie Novak and Jos Zamzow show off the earth friendly packaging for Dynamite’s all-natural dog nutritional supplements and other products.

Meridian, ID (Vocus/PRWEB) March 08, 2011

Dynamite Specialty Products, which makes all-natural dog food and horse feed, is replacing plastic containers with paper craft bags as Earth Day approaches. This is just one of a number of ecologically friendly steps taken over the past few years by Dynamite.

Bags for smaller products, starting in late spring, will be made of recyclable paper and sewn at the top. They will have a moisture-grease barrier that is sprayed on as a liner and that will break down in the recycling process, said Callie Novak, vice president. The bags also can be reused by the consumer.

“We always have prided ourselves on using ecologically sensitive ingredients in our natural dog food and natural horse feed,” she said. “Making our manufacturing processes ‘greener’ is an extension of our commitment to the best horse nutrition, as well as the best nutrition for all living creatures.

“The new packaging also will be lighter and more space efficient, resulting in reduced fuel costs for shipping,” she added. “We’ve also thought ‘inside the box’ by instituting energy-saving practices such as energy-efficient lighting in our warehouse, automatic light switches in our office, paperless invoices, and 100 percent recycled paper whenever paper is necessary.”

Among the other environmentally friendly practices are the following:

    The Meridian mill operates 10 hours a day, four days a week. Eliminating an extra work day reduces energy used in starting up the machinery at the mill and reduces fuel costs for employees.

    Office waste, including paper, cans and bottles, is recycled whenever possible.

    Dynamite encourages its distributors to print their own brochures from online templates, reducing printing waste and fossil fuels used for shipping.

    Dynamite uses its own Super ACV vinegar and All-Natural Deodorizer in cleaning its facilities, eliminating the chemical toxins in many household cleaners.

    Dynamite has switched to a more energy efficient lighting system throughout its headquarters. This includes everything from installing energy-efficient light bulbs to automatic switches that turn off lights when they are not needed.

    Commissions and payroll are being issued through direct deposit, eliminating paper for checks, envelopes and stamps and eliminating gas and electricity used in the mailing process.

    Every company machine and vehicle uses ZF-100, an engine additive that increases mileage and decreases emissions by reducing engine friction. One study showed that ZF-100 reduces carbon emissions by 50 percent, Novak said.

A family-owned business that has specialized in animal nutrition for four generations, Dynamite Marketing makes products for virtually every member of the animal kingdom. It has long developed food and nutritional supplements for prize-winning racehorses and working dogs across the country. Its specialists can recommend exactly what vitamins, minerals and other supplements best support dogs with arthritis, horses with laminitis, cats whose owners make their own food, and cows with digestive issues.

Dynamite has worked with veterinarians and university researchers to produce specialty foods to correct nutritional deficiencies in animals ranging from Canadian muskoxen to peregrine falcons to zoo exotics.

Dynamite uses only natural ingredients, made in the United States for better quality control. Throughout its history, it has always looked at alternatives to animal by-products, antibiotics, chemical preservatives, fumigants, artificial coloring and other additives that have later caused health problems. Its manufacturing processes are so stringently controlled that Dynamite has a separate mill to produce feed for herbivores, such as horses and poultry that are especially sensitive to contamination from meat needed by other species such as dogs and cats. Products include natural horse feed, natural dog food, horse and dog nutritional supplements, and a raw dog food that need no refrigeration.

Dynamite has mills in Idaho and Iowa.

Additional information is available at

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