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Question by tasha marie: Was my dog behaving inappropriately at the dog park?
I took my 2 year old lab/newfoundland mix to the dog park today for about 2 and a half hours. Everything was great and we had no issues until a one year old doberman arrived. My dog ran to meet the dog at the gate (It was raining and few people were there so new dogs were even more exciting then normal).

Cub (my dog) laid facing the dog through the gate watching him while wagging his tail. As soon as the doberman was within leashes reach of the fence he jumped on the fence barking and growling. My dog responded by matching the dobermans energy until I called him back to me, and grabbed hold of his collar.

The dobermans owner opened the gate, unleashed her dog and let him go.
She came towards me and told me I should teach my dog not to “guard the gate”.

Her dog ran over to Cub and proceeded to mount him (While I was holding his collar) and I noticed he was not neutered. My dog growled at him and tried to pull away, at which point I dropped his collar and told him “Get in the car” (his most known command).

I pointed out that dogs who were not neutered were not allowed in the dog bark, she explained that he was for breeding and not supposed to be neutered, top quality lines and such and I just left.

I’m fairly confident that my dog behaved in a reasonable matter but I do NOT want to be one of those people that allows there dog to misbehave believing they can do no wrong.

Did my dog respond inappropriately? If so what do i do to curve this behavior?
Thanks for your support, and I hadn’t especially considered the tidbit about the waiting at the gate as it’s fairly common but I do understand. I certainly wouldn’t consider it guarding, but all dogs respond differently to entering and leaving the park so it’s definitely not a problem to have him greet dogs only after they’ve entered. Thanks 🙂

As far as who manages it…I don’t know :/

The county owns the land, and the rules are posted but the only contact information is animal control.

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Answer by ladystang
she did

What do you think? Answer below! Launches as Fashion Focused Dog Store Launches as Fashion Focused Dog Store

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 30, 2009

Dotted Concepts Inc. is pleased to announce its first e-commerce launch – . Designer Doggy provides a comprehensive selection of unique and creative dog products chosen for their flair as well as their dependability.

Designer Doggy is a site of both form and function with creations from all the fashion elite. Christian Audigier, Paris Hilton, Chrome Bones, Little Lily, and Cece Kent are just a sampling of the brand names offered in the design collection. New companies are thoroughly evaluated before being added to the site to ensure customers are receiving not only the latest fashion and designs, but a product of high quality and integrity.

The online store carries a complete line of products including beds, carriers, collars, clothing, jewelry, toys, and spa items. As an introductory special, Designer Doggy is offering 10% off on all dog beds until November 15th, as well as free shipping on all orders totaling $ 150 or more. All other orders qualify for the ongoing $ 5 flat rate shipping.

Besides featuring high-end designer products, the site makes it simple to access them with high-resolution photos and descriptions. The Designer Doggy team is sincerely interested in hearing new ideas and comments through Twitter, Facebook, e-mails, or phone calls. In the future, special purchase discounts will be available to the consumer, and seasonal sales will occur.

In addition to becoming a leader in the dog fashion marketplace, Designer Doggy has a goal to become involved in helping smaller animal shelters throughout the country. The hope is to donate a portion of profits at a later date to these causes, as well as sponsoring events held by shelters.

Designer Doggy operates an office in Chicago with a warehouse in a surrounding suburb. Questions about the store may be directed to 877-55DOGGY or through their website.



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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Q&A: Feeding a dog “people food”?

Question by Feeding a dog “people food”?
My chihuahua is the pickiest dog ive ever known. She doesn’t eat her dog food – the good kind like canned dinners with vegetables and gravy and everything! She just smells it and walks away and the food will stay there for days. My mom gives her human food and thats what shes been living on is people food for the past year. Sometimes she wont even eat real delicious chicken! I pretty much have to beg her to eat!! She does like food its just that she wont eat the same thing day after day. She seems very healthy to me but I wish she would eat what shes supposed to. What can I do?

Best answer:

Answer by Juleette
dont give her a choice if you refuse her and hold out she will give in and eat her food you trained her mean as it sounds untrain her for her getting her way

your the master she is the dog

put the food out if she doesnt eat ti dont give in she will eat it when she is hungry then it will be kicked it’s not easy to do but it can take 1 day to do!

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Teaching Your Dog to Stay

Basic Training, Part 3 – Teaching Your Dog to Stay

Now that your dog has learned how to sit and lie down when asked, teaching her to stay in one place without moving can provide you a measure of security that she won’t run off when she’s out in your yard, and she won’t be grabbing for her food dish when it’s time for dinner.

Attach a long lead, one that is approximately 15- to 20-feet in length, to your dog’s collar or halter.

Command her to sit, then lie down in front of you, and make sure all of her attention is focused on you.

Once she is lying down, put the flat of your hand in front of her face in a “stop” gesture, and say the word “Stay,” in a kind, yet firm tone.

Back slowly away from your pet, keeping your hand in the “stop” gesture until you are standing approximately 2 to 3 feet away from her. If she stays without moving, go quickly back and give her a treat. 

If she moves to come toward you, go back to your original position, ask her to “Sit” and go “Down,” and start over. Do not give her a treat if she moves.

Once your dog is staying at that distance consistently, begin to gradually move further away every time you command her to “Stay.” Remember to keep using the flat of your hand and the tone of your voice to ask her to pay attention to what you are wanting.

Train at each distance until she “stays” every time, then move away during the next training session. You may need to occasionally go back and repeat a training session at a previous distance as a refresher. 

As in the other training sessions, only spend 20-minutes increments teaching her this new command. Use her dinnertime to reinforce this training by not placing her food dish in front of her until she has successfully stayed in one place for 5 seconds.