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Best “Gimmick” In The R&P Section?

Question by Darth The Northman (Ride To War): Best “Gimmick” In The R&P Section?
I have a lot of friends and contacts up in this neck of the deep dark Yahoo Woods but I am actually a pretty big fan of the sport of Wrestling and most wrestlers have a “Gimmick” which is basically the character they portray
So I was wondering, who do You think has the best “Gimmick” In Yahoo Rock And Pop?
Rockets Type O thing?
Bowzer’s “Dog” gig?
Smiley’s “George Hamilton” schtick?
My “Album Cover Of The Week” Rountine
(just a few examples)
Or someone else’s gimmick?
L-O-O-L Rockets!

True Mike

Yea Bowzer does stay true to His gimmickI have noticed
Yes…Fonz “Fly By Night” is kool

I’m a big fan of Sarah C’s smiley baloon too
I just used Myself as an example, not to be vain.

I thought I’d better point that out

Best answer:

Answer by steven25t
Rockets Type O thing?
Bowzer’s “Dog” gig?
Smiley’s “George Hamilton” schtick?

three of the the BEST, I’m with on that one, no arguing LOL

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