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Do you think this is hypocritical?

Question by What Dreams May Come: Do you think this is hypocritical?
As a background, in 2004, I was raped and became pregnant with my daughter. I do *NOT* hold this against my daughter in *ANY* way!!! So I moved back in with my mother, and during my pregnancy she *ASKED* to take care of her, and I agreed. So we both still live here, I have been a full-time college student for the past 4 years, and am now graduating in 2 weeks. I haven’t done 100% with her because I don’t want her to get 100% attached and make it harder on her than it has to be when I transfer.

So now my sister moved back in with her husband and their three kids, and she tells me ALLLL the time how I’m a “Monster of a non-mother who is horrible enough to abandon her own flesh and blood.” and “a lazy selfish slob who only cares about that piece of paper and myself. As long as those two are taken care of, apparently my life will all ‘fall into place’ .”

But at the same time SHE does NOTHING but care for her babies like a robot, no outside life or ambitions, and kowtows to her husband. He refuses to let her go to the car by herself, have her own bank acct, pay for anything, won’t make his own food and/or drinks, insists on eating before the kids do, orders her around like a dog, just pompous jerk-ness. He just started at DeVry and goes to classes 2 days a week…which, “of course” means he ” is too busy to work.” Yet, because of both of these factors I tell them theyre living in the 50s and he says “last I knew it wasnt a bad thing for the husband to support the family. Im doing what any other proper family in the church would do.”
So ON TOP OF their “bedazzling” comments about my daughter(including “she has learning disabilities” “shes a tyrant” etc…because shes not fully potty trained or language proficient by 3 years old but still knows how to get what she wants without whining.), she’s taken to denigrating innuendos about “fat women dont attract men and you need to find a father for your daughter before shes scarred for life, so stop eating all our food.”

Long story short…considering our similarities but yet our differences…is it hypocritical of me to say they need to get OUT…like….NOW? Or do you think they have a point?

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Answer by The Skull King
Sounds to me that, in the long run, they’ll end up doing more damage than you ever could.

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Congratulations on Your New Pooch!: Pet / Dog Gift Basket

Congratulations on Your New Pooch!: Pet / Dog Gift Basket

  • Dim: 14″L x 10″W x 10″H
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Help celebrate the arrival of their new dog with this gift fantastic gift basket. Offers a great variety of treats and toys for the dog and great novelty gifts for the new owner.

Price: $ 72.99

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Dog Rescuer Launches Two Websites: &

Dog Rescuer Launches Two Websites: &

(PRWEB) December 01, 2011

Founder of TWB Ventures, LLC, Tamara Brundage, is pleased to debut and The new sites cater to the needs of “fur kids.”

“As the owner of three dogs – all rescues or shelter dogs – and the co-founder of a local dog rescue here in Raleigh, North Carolina, I know first hand what pets need to thrive,” said Brundage. “A pet’s sole purpose is to make you happy. They crave love.”

Return that unconditional love by lavishing pets with healthcare products, toys, and apparel. Grooming tools, Advantage and Frontline flea and tick treatments, shampoos and more will keep pets healthy and clean. Comfort pets with crates, beds, and pet carriers. Collars, break away collars, and leashes are must-haves for outdoor excursions. With winter weather closing in on much of the country, help pets stay warm and dry with dog and cat coats and adorable dog boots. Don’t forget to reward pets with treats and toys from brand names like KONG.

“A lot of the toys we carry emphasize animal-human interaction,” said Brundage. “That interaction increases the bond between you and your animal. Really, it enhances your entire life and your animal’s entire life.”

Nutritious, all natural, Made in the USA dog treats are available through Brundage’s Internet storefront, Owners can choose from preservative-free cookies, biscuits, chews, and freeze dried livers. Grain-free snacks are ideal for pups with allergies. Delectable sweet potato treats are a fantastic alternative to rawhide. The sweet potato strips, chips, and compressed bones are rich in antioxidants, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, B6 and C.

Brundage uses the sites’ brand new interactive blog,, as a means to engage and inform pet owners.

“I want to educate owners,” said Brundage. “Doing dog rescues, I’ve seen the need to make a pet part of the family– spending that time to have fun with an animal whether it’s a cat, a dog, a bird, or a hamster. That human interaction is so important for a pet.”

About the Company: – a division of TWB Ventures, LLC – is owned and operated by web entrepreneur Tamara Brundage.

Tamara Brundage

(800) 679-1729

iePlexus, Inc.


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