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LCA Throws Fundraising Gala in NYC, June 30th at 7:00 — Hosts: Mary & Peter Max, Leesa Rowland & Chris DeRose

LCA Throws Fundraising Gala in NYC, June 30th at 7:00 — Hosts: Mary & Peter Max, Leesa Rowland & Chris DeRose

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2010

Animal lovers Chris DeRose, founder of Last Chance For Animals (LCA), Leesa Rowland, actress & activist, and Mary and Peter Max, famed pop artist & his wife come together on June 30th to raise funds to benefit the plight of animals. Live music by local band Dusty Wright & The Jaguars, vegan hors d’oeuvres by Franchia and organic wines along with sponsors Cesar’s Way Magazine and John Paul Mitchell join forces for a fun evening in support of LCA’s good work. Wednesday June 30th- 7:00 to 9:00

Founded in 1984 by Chris DeRose, LCA ( is a national, nonprofit animal advocacy organization focused on investigating, exposing, and ending animal exploitation. He has worked relentlessly in his life to ending oppression – wherever he finds it, earning him the prestigious Courage of Conscience International Peace Award – an honor he shares with Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Dog Whisperer’s Cesar Millan teams up with LCA to rescue and rehabilitate dogs from puppy mills. LCA does the physical rescue, Cesar does the psychological rescue. Together they make a powerful team bringing hope for a better life to animals.

As one of America’s most famous artists & 60’s underground Cultural Revolution pop icon, Peter Max & his beautiful wife Mary are devoted animal lovers who are opening the doors of their Max Studio for this exciting wine soiree.

A limited number of tickets are available. call 310-271-6096 ext. 25

One person CAN make a difference!!

LCA- The FBI of Animal Rights

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Do female dogs “spot” before they go into heat?

Question by Christine: Do female dogs “spot” before they go into heat?
My dog is 8 months old and was spayed almost 2 weeks ago. The week before she was spayed I noticed a little blood on her fur but thought maybe she was in heat and keeping herself clean. I told my neighbor who has her sister and she said she noticed the same thing with a little blood on the couch but nothing more.

Ok well last week neighbors dog actually went into heat so we were wondering if the “spotting” is normal. The vet said my dog was not in heat when she was spayed.

Neither dog has a bladder infection or anything like that.

Thank you.
SHe was “spottong” before she was spayed…that is why I am asking if it is normal for them to spot a little abt a week b4 their first heat.

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Answer by DEADGAME!

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Gypsy playing her new game.

This is Gypsy’s third time playing her new game. Dog Twister by Nina Ottosson.

Question by bonniclarkson: Anyone have a “recipe” for a Natural Deodorizer for Dogs that really works?
When I bring my dog in from the outside after her walk, she has a very strong doggie odor. I realize that she is a dog, and she will smell to a degree, but it is very strong right after her walk (and even worse if it is hot, humid and/or damp/raining outside). I saw at the pet store, they have all kinds of deodorizers, but they all seem to be a perfume that would simply mask the odor.

I was wondering if any one out there knows of a natural deodorizer that can be made at home? I read about a natural deodorant for people that is made of baking soda (natural deodorizer) and corn starch (supposedly healthier because it does not contain talc). I wonder if some thing like that could be used with dogs?

I prefer not to put chemicals on my dog or make her smell like a perfume factory!!

I did read about using a fabric softener sheet, but I have to wonder how good that is since dogs do lick their fur, and I would think that the chemicals could be ingested.

She does not have a skin condition as we were at the vet less then three weeks ago. My vet says some dogs just get the heavy dog odor when they go outside, and it dissipates over time. But he says all dogs have some odor. I was just wondering if there was anything “natural” that would work that could be brushed/sprayed on etc.

Vet says to bathe her weekly or bi-weekly as needed and that the smell would be less in the cooler temps. He also suggested doggy deo sprays, but like I said, those seem like they just cover up the smell and leave her smelling like perfume. Just wanted to see if anyone else used something more natural….
So…. I am guessing that no one can answer this question?

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Answer by popcorn
that is one weird question. sorry, cant help ya

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Purina for my dog?

Question by lallis29: Purina for my dog?
I used to feed my dog with Pedigree and some human-food. But the ////// president of my country (Vzla) had the idea of fabricating our own pet food (wich sucks), so we don’t import anymore and the onyl food available here is Purina and some weird “dog food” tha smells like plastic. I’m defintely not feeding her with the “plastic food”, but i heard that Purina had an accident that made a lot of dogs die,,,,,is that still happening? Should i feed my dog with Purina or make her a diet with human-food (meat,vegetables,,etc.)??

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Answer by Mutt Mommy
I would make my dogs food before I would feed them Purina. You should do research first though to ensure that your dog is getting a balanced diet.

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