Question by lallis29: Purina for my dog?
I used to feed my dog with Pedigree and some human-food. But the ////// president of my country (Vzla) had the idea of fabricating our own pet food (wich sucks), so we don’t import anymore and the onyl food available here is Purina and some weird “dog food” tha smells like plastic. I’m defintely not feeding her with the “plastic food”, but i heard that Purina had an accident that made a lot of dogs die,,,,,is that still happening? Should i feed my dog with Purina or make her a diet with human-food (meat,vegetables,,etc.)??

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Answer by Mutt Mommy
I would make my dogs food before I would feed them Purina. You should do research first though to ensure that your dog is getting a balanced diet.

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