Question by Der Wolfenmann: My vet keeps trying to sell me various supplements. What do I…?
My vet keeps coming up with “based on your dogs’ diet, you should supplement with… blah blah.” (He sells the supplements.) “Mix and match supplements.” “You’ll see the effect of the supplements on their coat, on their …”

95% of what my dogs eat consists of: age-appropriate dog food, eggs, and fish. Both dogs are 100% healthy, active, happy, neither obese nor skinny, etc. etc. One is a 9-month dachshund and one is a 1.5 year mutt.

Two questions:
1. Are there supplements that dog breeders and good dog owners universally vouch for? (Example in humans: vitamins C and D)

2. Do you think my vet only wants my money or for my dogs to be healthy as well?

(While I’m not stingy in the least, I’m deeply suspicious of anyone who sounds like they want my money for nothing.)


–Der Wolf(enmann)

Best answer:

Answer by walking lady
I don’t know what supplements your vet’s suggesting you buy, so I can’t comment on whether or not they’re worthwhile.

The only supplements my dogs get are salmon oil daily (for coat, skin and joints) as well as glucosamine chondroitin for adults, also for joints.

If your dogs are on a good quality food, they shouldn’t need anything else to keep their coats looking their best. Besides grooming, that is!

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