Question by Jasmine: How do I get my dog to eat his dog food?
Ever since Comet was a pup, he had to have his food made a special way. Then as he grows up, it’s no dog good… it’s human food. We tried to stop giving Comet human food so he can get hungry and eat his dog food, but it doesn’t work. He just won’t eat at all and starve. It’s like he’s saying, “I would rather starve than eat that stuff in that bowl.” My friend suggested that I crush Comet’s treats and mix them in his food so he would eat. That works but I just wish Comet will eat his food when I pour it in his bowl. Any suggestions besides the crush his treats and mix it in his food one?

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Answer by hoghuntingchick
Just keep doing that and gradually reduce the amount of treats till its just food. The rest is up to the dog. Good luck!!!

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