Question by ~YoUr G: what are your thoughts on “Invisable Fencing”?
I’m going to school for a year and my dog(GSD) is going to be staying with my parents. My parents have a ton of property and 2 other dogs, so I’m sure my dog will have a blast. The only problem is the road… there are lots of people who walk, ride their bikes ect up and down the road. My dog runs out to the road and barks at them.. so I need some thing to keep him( and the walkers) safe.
A regular fence is not an option.
I do not need to keep other animals out. There are no feral dogs around.

I care if people can’t see the fence… thats the whole point.
sorry… * I don’t care if people can’t see the fence*
My parents dogs are Bernese Mt Dogs and they don’t go near the road or bark at people. My Shepherd is very protective and “on guard”.

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Answer by moof
This article sums up my feelings with more clarity than I could manage:

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