Question by ★ Lucy ★: How many people have you told what “by-product” means?
I work at PetSmart, and contstantly I find myself telling over and over the meaning of “by-product”. I don’t know how people I’ve told HOW to read a dog food label either …

Most people don’t believe me, and continue feeding Pedigree.

Do you know what it means?
How many people have you told if you do know?

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Answer by dogsbestfriend27
I worked for PetSmart as their Area Trainer for almost 11 years. I did this daily. Get ahold of your Nutro rep and ask for their rubber chicken with the body parts that pull off, and the insides that you can pull out to demonstrate. Maybe its the way you are explaining it to them.

Go to this website and it will tell you better how to explain the pros and cons of dogfood.

I know how frustrated you are. Some of my students would tell me, omg, I am killing my dog. I did nutrition in class. I did a certain way in class, so if your instructor wants tips she can email me.

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