Havahart Wireless Offers a Glimpse into the Science Behind New Wireless Electric Dog Fences

Lititz, PA (Vocus/PRWEB) February 28, 2011

Pin-point dog locating, fence-recording and the visualization of your wireless fence boundary on your PC were all made possible through the enhancement of the nanoLOC TRX 2.4 GHz transceiver chip. This chip was originally designed for tracking expensive mobile hospital equipment and child loss prevention. Using NASA data filtering technology and some of its own complex math, Havahart® Wireless pushed the nanoLOC TRX to a higher level of performance, paving the way for the creation of patented wireless dog fencing systems that far surpass the industry standard.

NASA filtering technology and a boost in strength to each of the bases allows each signal to better penetrate through walls and other material objects to communicate with the wireless collar. Using its own complex math, Havahart Wireless developed and meticulously honed time-of-flight tracking technology. That means the distance to the dog’s collar is determined constantly through communication back and forth with the fence’s bases or controller at the speed of light. The non-stop communication and real-time distance to the dog tracking enables each wireless electric dog fence system to determine whether to deliver a correction or tone based on the dog’s proximity to the fence.

It all began with the Radial-Shape Havahart Wireless Dog Fence. This is the world’s first wireless electric dog fence system to offer a circular dog containment zone of up to 11 acres with a display that enables the dog owner to actually interact with the system. The digital display allows the dog owner to set the precise radial distance of his dog fence and wirelessly program the correction level of up to 2 collars. The system tells the dog owner how far away his dog is, and alerts him if his dog has breached the boundary or if the collar batteries are low.

With the cutting-edge technology fully developed for use in the Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence, Havahart Wireless took things to the next level with Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence. A remote control, 3 more bases and a wireless fence tracker—an internet accessible installation tool for viewing the location of your wireless electric dog fence on a PC, were added.

The remote control allows for a process called “event stamp mapping.” Once the system’s four base units are positioned in the four corners of the home, the dog owner can create virtually any shape of wireless electric fence. The size of the wireless dog fence can range from less than one half acre up to 25 acres. By walking the desired fence boundary with the touch-screen controller in hand, event stamp mapping records the coordinates of the path the user walks and relays them to the master base, creating the wireless electric dog fence. The fence boundary can be changed anytime through the same process, and exclusion zones can be added to keep dogs out of swimming pools, large gardens or any other area inside the wireless electric fence boundary.

With the 4 bases in constant communication with the wireless electric dog collar, the Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence is able to pinpoint the dog’s actual location in the yard using a process known as “trilateration.” Radio signals emanate from each base in a spherical manner. 1 common point of intersection among the radio signals from 3 bases enables the wireless fence system to accurately pinpoint the real-time location of the dog collar. The intersection of the 3 spherical radio signals is called trilateration. The wireless electric dog fence system uses trilateration to determine whether the dog collar is inside or outside the fence boundary. Should the dog ever breach the wireless electric fence boundary, he will not get corrected on the way back in because the system knows his location.

The wireless fence tracker is another feature that can be utilized by only the Custom-Shape Havahart Wireless Dog Fence. Using patented software, the wireless fence tracker allows the dog owner to view the wireless electric fence through a high-speed internet connection on a Windows-based computer. It is a valuable installation tool that can also aid in troubleshooting.

“Havahart Wireless Dog Fences are the result of asking one simple question: How should a wireless fence really work?” stated Rian Sweeney, Category Development Associate for Havahart Wireless’s parent company Woodstream Corp. “Answering this question led us to the next generation in wireless electric dog fencing.”

To learn more about the science behind Havahart Wireless Dog Fences and to view videos about the systems, please visit:


Havahart Wireless Dog Fences

The Science Behind Havahart Wireless Dog Fences

Custom-Shape Havahart Wireless Fence

Radial-Shape Havahart Wireless Fence

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