Question by nottashygirl: What kind of society to we live in where hurting animals is “sport”?
New York Knick Stephon Marbury’s Defense Of Michael Vick is big news today. But I have to say this. When watching I honestly was not enraged, but more confused. Does this guy actually think what he said about dog fighting being a “sport” was a good defense? Did he think he wouldn’t look ignorant comparing dog fighting to deer hunting? How can you say that electrocuting a dog, and forcing it to fight is a “sport”? Or the same as deer hunting? What kind of world do we live in where this attitude is acceptable, let alone “news”? I shouldn’t be surprised, as you should never overestimate the intelligence of the general public, let alone overpaid “stars” of the NBS or NFL or whatever! What a sad society we live in, where this is acceptable! Would human “hunting” be sport too?

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Answer by Spirit Princess
I don’t know… it’s fu**ing sick tho. If you look at all past serial murderers, they all started out by torturing animals. Go figure!

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