Question by Starchild: How long could my dog be this sore and stiff, and should I be worried?
I understand if you think this is too long and you don’t feel like reading it all, but please do, ’cause my dog seems to be in pain and I don’t know what to do. Any kind of help would be highly appreciated!

2 days ago, my 12 month old Welsh Corgi/Border Collie/Dunker got to play with this other dog. I weren’t there to see it myself, but apparently he ran around like crazy and had a lot of fun. He isn’t used to that much activity, so he was really, really tired when the playtime was over.

Yesterday he was acting really sore and stiff, and walked really carefully and slowly. It seemed like he had difficulties finding a comfortable place to rest, and kept moving around while moaning/whimpering. I know how it feels like to be really stiff and sore, so I didn’t really think too much about it and I was sure he’d be better by today.

But he isn’t. He’s still really sore and stiff, and has been lying down 99% of the time today. I almost have to drag him out of the house to let him pee, and he kept on stopping everywhere, looking at me with his puppy dog eyes and almost told me “please, I don’t wanna take another step”.

He only eats small pieces of treats that I give him, and only drinks if I trick him to drink the water out of my hand. This is really weird, ’cause usually he eats EVERYTHING he can get his hands on. But today my brother came over with his dog, and when the dog came he seemed to be almost completely fine. Still a little bit slow, but his eyes opened up completely and he didn’t seem ill at all.

My mom who knows a lot about dogs and have had lots of dogs throughout her life, is convinced he is just sore and stiff. But I am starting to get worried. His eyes are barely open, as if he’s in pain, and he often starts moaning/whimpering even if he’s lying completely still relaxing or sleeping. I have been giving him massages, which seems to help him relax a little bit. And even though he seemed a lot better when the other dog was here today, it worries me that he doesn’t wanna eat and that he just seems very out of it and distant.

Anyone know what might be wrong? Should I be worried? Is he just really sore and stiff, and how long until he gets better? If there’s something more serious, wouldn’t he refuse to eat and drink altogether? And he wouldn’t have seemed so much better when he saw that other dog today, would he?

It’s awful seeing him like some whimpering, sleep-walking zombie, when he’s usually very hyper and bubbly and happy about everything.

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Answer by NotBuyingIt!
Call a vet – It can’t hurt to ask. What if something is really wrong, only a vet can make an educated/expert diagnosis. Don’t risk your best friend’s health/wellbeing. Good luck.

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