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Question by Feed the models!: Where can I find a “pet gate” that stands at least 4 feet tall?
We have a pet gate, about 2 feet tall, but our dog can jump over it when we are gone, and he goes in the living room, messes on the carpet, etc… We put him outside before leaving, he just gets mad at us for leaving him alone… Anyway, he learned to jump over the gate and I don’t want a shock collar! So, I was wondering, if there’s a really tall “pet gate”, about 4 feet tall ( I’m sure that’ll do)

Thank you very much!

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Answer by KJ
Didn’t mention your country, but by me there’s PetSmart. Farm and Fleet is a great store also.

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Announcing the Arrival of Their Latest Litter, Insightout Kennel Offers Their Perspective on Establishing a Strong Foundation for Their Dogs

Announcing the Arrival of Their Latest Litter, Insightout Kennel Offers Their Perspective on Establishing a Strong Foundation for Their Dogs

Frankston, Texas (PRWEB) December 09, 2011

Insightout Kennel in Frankston,Texas, has welcomed the arrival of their newest litter of Olde English Bulldogge puppies just in time for the holidays. The puppies will soon be matched with their future homes.

To prepare their puppies for a happy, successful life, the owners of Insightout Kennel state they have adopted their own unique approach. At Insightout, Dave and Bobbye Bolestridge are of the mind that preparing their puppies with a strong start will ensure they have every chance to be healthy and good companions.

“Diet is the key,” said Bobbye. “All of our dogs get the best combination of high quality grain-free commercial dog food, raw meat and bone, fish, fiber, dehydrated fruits and vegetables and dietary supplements.” Dave and Bobbye prepare a combination of raw human-grade chicken for protein and calcium. They include jack mackerel to add Omega 3 to the diet. Chicken gizzards and beef liver are added for additional protein and other essential nutrients. Pumpkin is added for fiber, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables are included for overall nutrition.

All of the ingredients are ground, mixed and frozen monthly. Each dog gets a portion of the raw mixture with each meal plus dietary supplements with probiotics and glucosamine for joint health. Dave said, “The extra effort we take to feed them a well-balanced diet gives the puppies the strong, healthy foundation needed to extend their time with their families as long as possible.”

All Insightout puppies start on this diet. Dave said, “We understand most families will not continue to feed in the extensive manner of Insightout, but this helps us to feel comfortable the puppies are getting a very nutritious beginning for a solid start.” He added, “It all started with Emmett, our English Bulldog mix. Emmett is a wonderful dog, but due to his poor genetics he has had a total hip replacement and two knee replacements. Our goal was to extend Emmett’s life and make him as comfortable and pain-free for as long as possible.”

“Emmett’s multiple, major surgeries motivated me to perform extensive research into nutrition for dogs,” said Bobbye. She explained, “Food determines factors we do not see immediately – like longevity, disease, strength, sight, and so on. We lull ourselves into a lesser standard for our pets and ourselves because we do not immediately see the slow catastrophic results of our eating choices until it is too late. We become so consumed by the symptoms that we rarely connect the dots back to the root of our eating choices.”

“This philosophy became the basis for the food combination used at Insightout Kennel. Although Emmet is now eleven years old and has had numerous surgeries and therapy for his poor genetics, he is still able to go up and down stairs and get around well on his own,” said Dave. He insisted, “Emmett’s success story and the outstanding health and beauty of all Insightout bulldogges and puppies are an excellent barometer to gage the positive effect of our nutritional foundation.”

Dave and Bobbye said they are confident the feeding program utilized at Insightout increases the health and longevity of their canine companions. They also stressed their belief that a commitment to healthy, happy dogs continues even after the puppies have made their way to new homes. Bobbye added, “It’s rewarding and most enjoyable to keep in touch with our puppies’ new families. It also keeps us informed on the success of our program.”

To learn more about Insightout Kennel, visit their website at Learn more about their feeding program at


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