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Dog Owner’s Delight : Make Your Dog Obey Your Every Command

Dog Owner’s Delight : Make Your Dog Obey Your Every Command

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but a dog can also drive you crazy. Dog owners will tell you that there’s nothing better than the unconditional love that only a dog can give. However some people who own dogs will confess that all too often the dog is in control, and that’s never good situation. Some people even live as if the dog were the one making all the decisions in the home!

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, or are struggling with getting your dog to obey, then you need to re


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All-Natural Dog Biscuits from Dynamite to Be Featured Monday on Nat?l Radio

All-Natural Dog Biscuits from Dynamite to Be Featured Monday on Nat’l Radio

Jos Zamzow, Dynamite COO, will talk about natural dog treats.

Meridian, Idaho (PRWEB) December 16, 2011

Jos Zamzow, chief operating officer of Dynamite Specialty Products here, will talk about Canine Cookies, a wheat-free, corn-free all-natural dog biscuit, on the nationally syndicated My Buddy Butch radio show on Monday at 7 p.m. EST (4 p.m. PST).

The all-natural dog treat was introduced earlier this year.

“Because of recent increases in dog allergies, many people are looking for corn-free, wheat-free and gluten-free dog food,” Zamzow said. “Dog treats with cereal grains such as wheat and corn cause a variety of dog allergies, including itchy skin and ears, and excessive weight gain.

The My Buddy Butch show runs on radio stations, including satellite radio, in selected markets across the nation. It also can be heard on the Internet at

“We had requests for healthy dog biscuits because so many dog treats have questionable ingredients, including chemical preservatives such as BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) and ethoxyquin,” Zamzow explained. “Several dog trainers who use our all-natural, gluten-free dog food, asked us for an easy-to-feed healthy dog treat to use in training.”

The gluten-free dog food, as well as all other Dynamite animal feeds, is formulated according to standards of the American Association of American Feed Control Officials, Inc. The paw-shaped, natural dog biscuits cost $ 19.95 for a 2.5-pound bag.

A family-owned business that has specialized in animal nutrition for four generations, Dynamite Specialty Products makes products for virtually every member of the animal kingdom. It has long developed all-natural dog food and nutritional supplements for show dogs across the country and prize-winning racehorses. Its specialists in dog nutrition and animal nutrition can recommend exactly what vitamins, minerals and other supplements best support dogs with allergies, horses with laminitis, cats whose owners make their own food, and cows with digestive issues.

Dynamite has worked with veterinarians and university researchers to produce specialty foods to correct nutritional deficiencies in animals ranging from Canadian muskoxen to peregrine falcons to zoo exotics.

Dynamite uses only natural ingredients, made in the United States for better quality control. Throughout its history of making natural dog food, it has always looked at alternatives to animal by-products, antibiotics, chemical preservatives, fumigants, artificial coloring and other additives that have later caused dog allergies and other health problems. Its manufacturing processes are so stringently controlled that Dynamite has a separate mill to produce feed for herbivores, such as horses and poultry that are especially sensitive to contamination from meat needed by other species such as dogs and cats.

Dynamite has manufacturing facilities in Idaho and Iowa.

Additional information on natural dog food and dog vitamin and mineral supplements is available at or by calling (800) 697-7434.



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dog repellent in face

this dumb ass really let us spray him in the face with dog repellent
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TopDog Health Uses Infusionsoft to Double Sales in Six Months

TopDog Health Uses Infusionsoft to Double Sales in Six Months

Gilbert, Ariz. (Vocus) September 30, 2010

TopDog Health Veterinary & Rehabilitation, an Infusionsoft customer since 2009, today announced the company doubled its sales in the last six months by automating its sales and marketing using Infusionsoft as its marketing automation software solution. The four-person company is now able to compete against much bigger players in a crowded marketplace without having to increase overhead through the use of fully integrated email marketing, CRM, marketing automation and ecommerce.

Founded by Dr. James St. Claire, TopDog Health began as a canine rehabilitation facility in Meriden, Conn. in 2004 and has since expanded its products and services. With the help of Infusionsoft, the company has evolved into a leading source of dog supplements and information that both pet owners and vets rely on everyday. The company has seven websites, information booklets for pet owners and vets, video tutorials, a rapidly-growing Facebook community of fans and a successful line of joint and therapy pet products.

Using Infusionsoft’s all-in-one web-based software, which combines email marketing with a full-featured customer database (CRM), powerful marketing automation and e-commerce all in one system, TopDog Health has been able to increase its sales by 100% in six months and:

    Save time and resources. TopDog Health used to be a haven for manual labor just like most small businesses. Going door-to-door or making cold calls to vet offices to try and get them to buy booklets on post-op care for pets was time consuming and ineffective. Leads fell through the cracks, follow-up was failing and the booklets weren’t being given to the pet owners in need. The company started to communicate with its contact list of both vets and pet owners by using Infusionsoft. Dr. St. Claire no longer has to allocate time and staff for follow up, appointment reminders or to provide customers with updates on new available resources or products. The marketing automation engine of Infusionsoft does all of this for him using multi-channel marketing like email, direct mail and phone.

    Increase conversion. TopDog Health can market more effectively now because the automated follow-up is based on the behaviors of customers and prospects which are being tracked in the full-featured CRM system. He doesn’t have to worry about marketing the wrong information to the wrong person at the wrong time. Instead, TopDog Health can now send the right message to the right person at the right time, which results in high open rates on their emails, and increased conversion overall. For example, if a pet owner brings a cat in with Feline Hyperthyroid Disease the front staff tags that customer in the database with “Feline Hyperthyroid.” This sets off an automated multi-step campaign that sends an email to them at the end of that day confirming the diagnosis and provides them actionable steps on how best to treat it over a 30 day period. These emails get response from the pet owners, typically with emails thanking Dr. St. Claire for his thorough and valuable help. This automation allows Dr. St. Claire to be present with customers in a way that is scalable, yet customized and personal.

    Drive brand awareness. The company has had its most successful product launch to date. Dr. St. Claire’s database has grown to more than 4,000 contacts. The TopDog Health message is spreading like wildfire in the industry and among animal owners. Vets now come to Dr. St. Claire because patients are bringing his booklets on post-op care into their offices during surgery.

    Fulfill entrepreneurial dreams. Infusionsoft has given Dr. St. Claire time and freedom to do what he loves best—help animals and pet owners through the post-op care process.

“Infusionsoft has leveled the playing field for us to go head-to-head with companies that have quadruple the marketing budgets and staff,” said Dr. St. Claire, owner of TopDog Health. “It’s amazing to me that as a small business, we’re perceived as a company of 100 or 200 people by our customers. Yet, we keep costs down low and are helping more pet owners than we ever thought possible.”

To learn more about how TopDog Health has grown its business using Infusionsoft, check out .

About Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft, the leader in marketing automation software for small businesses, empowers entrepreneurs to grow smarter and faster through targeted marketing that automatically adapts to prospect and customer behavior. Infusionsoft is the first to combine email marketing and CRM in one app that’s driven by a powerful automation engine that allows entrepreneurs to market more effectively so they can grow their small businesses. The privately held, three-time Inc. 500 company is based in Gilbert, Ariz. and is funded by Mohr Davidow Ventures and vSpring Capital. For more information, visit

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Taste of the Wild Canned Dog Food for All Lifestages, Pacific Stream Canine with Smoked Salmon Formula (Pack of 12, 13.2 Ounce Cans)

  • Grain-free formula provides excellent nutrition without the grains
  • Includes fish and potatoes for your sensitive pet
  • Fresh and smoked salmon

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine – Smoked Salmon – 12 x 12.5 ozA great tasting complement to the dry Taste of the Wild formulas, the Pacific Stream Canine Formula with Smoked Salmon will satisfy your pet’s taste for wet food. This complete and balanced formula can also be your pet’s sole diet. Contains fresh salmon and smoked salmon, wild caught, perfect sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Sweet potatoes, blueberries and raspberries are great sources of natural antioxidants for a healthy life

List Price: $ 25.99

Price: $ 21.87