Pets With Grain Allergies Do Tail Spins: No Grainers 100% Grain-Free Dog Treats Offer A Unique & Healthy Alternative To Grain While Giving Them What They Really Want… Protein

Springville, UT (Vocus) June 3, 2009

Allergies are the number one reason veterinarians treat dogs nationwide, according to the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (as posted by the American Veterinary Medical Association), costing Americans approximately $ 16 million in vet bills each year. Many pet owners do not know most dog treats contain inexpensive corn and wheat fillers. In fact, grain-based treats can cause increased allergic reactions in dogs that have sensitivities to corn and wheat. With dog health and happiness in mind, HBH Pet Products carefully formulated No Grainers® Dog Biscuits and Treats as a unique 100% grain-free alternative specifically for pet owners who want to give their dogs a natural reward.

“As more and more pet owners become aware of the type of grains used to make their own food, they are taking a second look at their dog’s food. Ask any dog owner and they will likely tell you their dogs prefer protein-based treats,” explains Colette Dahl, manager of new product development at HBH Pet Products. “Some dogs have trouble processing foods that are grain based, which can wreak havoc on their systems. Because No Grainers understands the importance of having protein as a staple in a dog’s diet, we developed these delicious beef, chicken and pork treats.”

No Grainers Biscuits and Treats have the highest protein content in their category. In fact, to get the same amount of protein found in one bag of No Grainers Biscuits, a dog would need to eat approximately 2 1/2 boxes of the competing biscuit.

No Grainers chicken-bacon flavored biscuits come in small, medium and large sizes to suit any size dog. No Grainers are also offered as a semi-soft treat in three gourmet flavors: Hickory Smoked Pork, BBQ Chicken and Tender Beef. The treats are available at Wal-Mart for $ 1.50 per 7 oz. package and the biscuits are $ 3.50 for a 20 oz. bag. Based on cost and health factors, it is easy to see why, “Choosing No Grainers® is a definite no brainer!”

About HBH Pet Products

HBH Pet Products began in 1988 with just four aquarium foods and has quickly grown over the last decade into one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. HBH Pet Products now offers products for just about every type of aquatic animal, including a large selection of species-specific diets. The company’s Betta Bites® fish food has been the best-selling Betta formula on the market for over a decade. In addition, HBH Pet Products offers the only pellet foods specifically designed for the delicate digestive systems of newts, salamanders, and fully aquatic frogs and tadpoles. In 2004 the firm introduced a new line of dog safe chocolate flavored treats called Chocolicks which led to entry into new markets for dogs and cats and to the current release of grain free, No Grainers® line.


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