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Having trouble with ACA………………..?

Question by Znip Sero Sero: Having trouble with ACA………………..?
I’m going to an ACA dog show to show in obedience, rally, & agility. I emailed ACA and ICA (ICA is the sponsor for the performance events, but it’s a ACA show) and asked “What obstacles are in the agility course? What levels in agility? What levels for obedience? Will there be open obedience?”

I sent it more than once and waited; no response!

So, anyone know anything about ACA obedience and agility?

Oh, and the reasons i’m going (not to support ACA o’course): Grandparents literally live nextdoor to the show site and they’re 3 hours away so we don’t see them that often, I have a UKC agility trial the next weekend and I need practice (i don’t take classes) and it’s only $ 5 per dog to enter all 3 obed., rally, and agility.
I’ve sent atleast 5 emails. Waaay before the holidays, during the holidays, and after. I’m starting to get really ticked with them!
Oh, there’s supposed to be a lot of 4H kids there, so anyone know what a 4H agility course is like?
Oh, Texas Rottie: Wouldn’t it be a long distance call?
ACA has *crap* (nothing!) no info in their website! I googled, I yahood, and I asked! Nothing!
WyrDachs: Yes, it is ACA show but ICA is the one actually doing the performance parts, ACA is putting on conformation and other stuff.

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Answer by Texas Rottie
It’s probably that they aren’t very good at answering emails. It could be they are out of town for the holiday. Could be many things. Is there a phone number listed on the advert?

What is the ACA? I thought it was an obedience/agility club.

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Question by : Whats a small, fun, energetic dog breed that can also be very nice and cuddly?
So, I’m getting a dog and i have done lots of research but i can decide which one! i know you guys are saying “Its your choice ” or ” Find more information” , but I have been searching for 2 months now and i just cant decide.
Sorry guys i forgot to say No Dogs that shed A LOT

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Answer by Hahah
Mini English bulldog

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