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Is Dog Training Teaching Your Kids to be Bullies?

Is Dog Training Teaching Your Kids to be Bullies?

photo by Judy McCleery

Southampton, NY (PRWEB) January 5, 2011

Bullying starts in the home. Husband to wife, sibling to sibling. And yes, owner to dog. Bullying takes many forms, and can become second nature to those who grow up with bullying in the home. This includes how you interact with the family pet.

New York Dog Trainer and Pet Expert Lisa Hartman believes it all boils down to compassion, communication, and leading by example.

“I have witnessed many wonderful parents trying hard to raise their children with morals and ethics. I hear them tell their kids that if they don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. But then I hear the parent bashing coworkers or making fun of someone on the phone, and I know the kids heard them.” Lisa says it’s the same with their dogs. She has witnessed many parents or other dog trainers teaching young children to use a choke chain, swiftly kick, or pin a down a dog for its wrong behavior instead of patiently teaching the dog and encouraging correct behavior. Furthermore, she has witnessed young brothers after a “bullying” style dog training lesson jabbing at each other and pinning each other to the floor until the other “submits”. On the contrary, after a positive reinforcement style dog training class, she notices the children are kinder and gentler to their dog AND each other, offering praise and encouragement to one another. The bottom line: children model human behavior.

“Nothing upsets me more than seeing a young person being taught to train their dog with harsh methods and intimidation” Lisa says in her new Dog Training book “DIAL A DYNAMITE DOG: The Ultimate Field Guide for Training Your Pet.” “Violence begets Violence. There is enough cruelty in the world. I want our next generation of pet owners, parents and world leaders to learn to communicate with each other with intelligence and compassion, not a heavy hand.”

Lisa says that in the world of Dog Training what leads to bullying is a lack of communication and understanding between dog and owner. Social media has not helped. TV Dog Training shows and videos showing trainers using choke chains, prong collars, neck jabs, and forcing dogs on their backs all serve to exacerbate the problem.

“It’s ego driven dog training. Using chains and forcing dogs on their backs until they submit are all forms of bullying. There are more compassionate, dog friendly techniques available to solve any problem.”    

In “DIAL A DYNAMITE DOG”; one of the tricks Lisa proposes is to think in opposites. “If you want the dog to stop jumping, ask him to sit. If you want the dog to stop running out the door, perfect your recall, and praise and reward heavily for compliance.” And while constantly bullying dogs can have lasting psychological effects on them, it can equally affect how your child learns to deal not just with animals, but with the world at large. “Children and puppies are like sponges, absorbing information every minute. Your children are learning by your example.”

Ms. Hartman, who has worked with everything from Pomeranians to Pit Bulls, advocates positive reinforcement training for all dogs, and humans. She wrote her new dog training book for dog owners short on time and patience. “It’s the dog trainer’s tricks of the trade” Lisa says of her book. “But it can help you train your children as well. Teach your children to be respectful and communicate better and non violently with all forms of life. But most importantly, lead by example.”

Find out more about Lisa at



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Interior Design Company, San Francisco Design Center Presents Haute Dog | SF, A Doggie Runway Fashion Show

Interior Design Company, San Francisco Design Center Presents Haute Dog | SF, A Doggie Runway Fashion Show

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2011

Bay Area’s San Francisco Design Center, a interior design showroom that provides fine home furnishings, fabrics, and everything design and art related, together with the Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco will be hosting the first Haute Dog | SF on Feb. 3, 2012 from from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This doggie runway fashion show will feature more than 50 canine models and pooches, drawn from the ranks of the AKC and animal shelters, modeling outfits from the elegant to the outrageous.

“This event will benefit Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), which provides highly trained assistance dogs, free of charge, to children, adults and veterans with disabilities,” Rhonda Hirata of San Francisco Design Center said. “CCI is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs and is recognized worldwide for the quality of their dogs and matching capabilities. We were drawn and moved by their motto, ‘the most advanced technology capable of transitioning the lives of people with disabilities has a cold nose and a warm heart!’ We were also touched by the unselfish generosity of their puppy-raisers who nurture a pup from eight weeks to 15 months and then turn them over to CCI for training and matching with their clients who have disabilities. Haute Dog | SF will launch CCI’s presence in San Francisco.”

Bay Area interior designers have selected luscious and luxurious fabrics from the center’s showrooms to design and fabricate ensembles for the dogs. Wilkes Bashford and his dachshund, Duchie, will emcee the fashion show. Admission is $ 15 and the runway fee for walking a dog is $ 50. Enjoy cocktails, edibles and a silent auction.

“If you’re a dog lover, as we are, and believe in the power of a dog’s ability to transform the lives of disabled children, adults and veterans, please join us in a fun and festive event to welcome Canine Companions for Independence to San Francisco. As our friends at CCI would say, ‘Help is a four-legged word,’” Hirata said.

The San Francisco Design Center offers the best in interior design for San Francisco residents to find everything necessary to create, refine or reinvent style.

For more information about Haute Dog | SF or any of the San Francisco Design Center’s products or service, call 415-490-5888, view the center on the web at or visit 2 Henry Adams St., San Francisco, CA 94103.

About San Francisco Design Center

The San Francisco Design Center, a renowned design center in San Francisco, offers fine custom home furnishings, fabrics, kitchen accessories, and everything design and art related. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 2 Henry Adams St., San Francisco, CA 94103. They offer a designer-led tour and feature several exhibits and showcases during the year.


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The Best Of The Best, The German Shepherd Dog

If you need a hand, have any questions on the breed, wanting to find a breeder, good trainer, or just want to show pictures, videos, or tell funny stories about your dog, the German Shepherd Dog Forum is an amazing place to show/do all the above!! So click the link below and register to become a member for FREE!

Our first 2008 JHO peasant shoot was held at Raahauges Pheasant Club in Norco CA on Jan 26 2008. The day turned out beautiful since it had been raining all week and we were a bit worried about even getting the shoot in. The snow capped Mt Baldy as a backdrop made for some impressive views on the freshly greened up hills of Norco. Big thanks to Tony, Pete, Calin and the rest of the staff at Raahauges for a great shoot. For more info on Raahauges Pheasant Club For more info on upland bird hunting please visit our forum at We also have a dog forum at

Pets With Grain Allergies Do Tail Spins: No Grainers 100% Grain-Free Dog Treats Offer A Unique & Healthy Alternative To Grain While Giving Them What They Really Want… Protein

Pets With Grain Allergies Do Tail Spins: No Grainers 100% Grain-Free Dog Treats Offer A Unique & Healthy Alternative To Grain While Giving Them What They Really Want… Protein

Springville, UT (Vocus) June 3, 2009

Allergies are the number one reason veterinarians treat dogs nationwide, according to the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (as posted by the American Veterinary Medical Association), costing Americans approximately $ 16 million in vet bills each year. Many pet owners do not know most dog treats contain inexpensive corn and wheat fillers. In fact, grain-based treats can cause increased allergic reactions in dogs that have sensitivities to corn and wheat. With dog health and happiness in mind, HBH Pet Products carefully formulated No Grainers® Dog Biscuits and Treats as a unique 100% grain-free alternative specifically for pet owners who want to give their dogs a natural reward.

“As more and more pet owners become aware of the type of grains used to make their own food, they are taking a second look at their dog’s food. Ask any dog owner and they will likely tell you their dogs prefer protein-based treats,” explains Colette Dahl, manager of new product development at HBH Pet Products. “Some dogs have trouble processing foods that are grain based, which can wreak havoc on their systems. Because No Grainers understands the importance of having protein as a staple in a dog’s diet, we developed these delicious beef, chicken and pork treats.”

No Grainers Biscuits and Treats have the highest protein content in their category. In fact, to get the same amount of protein found in one bag of No Grainers Biscuits, a dog would need to eat approximately 2 1/2 boxes of the competing biscuit.

No Grainers chicken-bacon flavored biscuits come in small, medium and large sizes to suit any size dog. No Grainers are also offered as a semi-soft treat in three gourmet flavors: Hickory Smoked Pork, BBQ Chicken and Tender Beef. The treats are available at Wal-Mart for $ 1.50 per 7 oz. package and the biscuits are $ 3.50 for a 20 oz. bag. Based on cost and health factors, it is easy to see why, “Choosing No Grainers® is a definite no brainer!”

About HBH Pet Products

HBH Pet Products began in 1988 with just four aquarium foods and has quickly grown over the last decade into one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. HBH Pet Products now offers products for just about every type of aquatic animal, including a large selection of species-specific diets. The company’s Betta Bites® fish food has been the best-selling Betta formula on the market for over a decade. In addition, HBH Pet Products offers the only pellet foods specifically designed for the delicate digestive systems of newts, salamanders, and fully aquatic frogs and tadpoles. In 2004 the firm introduced a new line of dog safe chocolate flavored treats called Chocolicks which led to entry into new markets for dogs and cats and to the current release of grain free, No Grainers® line.


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Innovacyn Names Winners of the “Vetericyn Loves Animals” Charity Contest- Horse Plus Humane Society and Pet Helpers Inc. Win a Year?s Supply of Vetericyn

Innovacyn Names Winners of the “Vetericyn Loves Animals” Charity Contest- Horse Plus Humane Society and Pet Helpers Inc. Win a Year’s Supply of Vetericyn

The “Vetericyn Loves Animals” Charity Contest

RIALTO, Calif. (PRWEB) November 02, 2011

Innovacyn, the makers of Vetericyn animal healthcare products, today announced the winners of the company’s “Vetericyn Loves Animals” online charity contest. Horse Plus Humane Society won the equine/large animal division, while Pet Helpers Inc. was the small animal winner. Each will receive a year’s supply of Vetericyn products.

Thirty equine/large animal organizations and 49 small animal groups were nominated on the Vetericyn web site in September. Voting took place on the Vetericyn Facebook page during the month of October, with thousands of votes coming in for these worthy charities. The nominators of the winning organizations received prizes including a Vetericyn gift basket, a year’s subscription to Cesar’s Way magazine, and DVD sets from Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship.

Vetericyn has also offered to send product to each of the 79 nominated charities. “Once we learned more about these organizations, it became immediately clear that every single one is doing amazing, critical work, which is why we decided to provide Vetericyn products to all of them,” said Rina Dakanay, social media specialist for Innovacyn. “We have been hugely inspired by these charities and the people behind them, and are honored to pitch in and help them keep the animals they serve healthy.”

About the Winners

Horse Plus Humane Society, located on 20 acres near Oroville, Calif., is dedicated to preventing cruelty to horses. Horse Plus typically has between 20 to 40 horses available for adoption. Since the organization was founded in 2004, it has rescued more than 1,500 equines.

Fairmont, West Virginia-based Pet Helpers Inc. is a non-profit animal rescue organization that provides support to pet owners and animal caregivers, and educates the community on the importance of spaying and neutering. Pet Helpers also places homeless pets into foster families until they find permanent, loving homes.

About Vetericyn

Vetericyn animal wellness products are innovative topical solutions for the care of wounds, infections and irritations caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or spores. Made up of compounds similar to those produced by the animal’s own immune system, Vetericyn will not harm healthy tissue. Vetericyn is pH neutral, non-toxic and will not sting when applied. This no-rinse product, in solution, kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores including E.coli, Staph (MRSA), Strep, Moraxella bovis, Pasteurella, Actinomyces and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Containing no steroids or antibiotics, Vetericyn tests free for competitive animals.

Vetericyn partners include Cesar Millan, host of “The Dog Whisperer,” and Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship. Vetericyn products are available: in pet stores nationwide, including PETCO; at feed and tack stores; via licensed veterinarians; and through the company’s network of distributors.

About Innovacyn Inc.

Based in Rialto, Calif., Innovacyn Inc. is a privately held company that provides premier human and animal healthcare products based on advanced scientific research. Countless animals worldwide have safely benefited from the technology found in Innovacyn products. All Innovacyn products are made in the U.S.A.


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The New Yorker Book of Dog Cartoons

The New Yorker Book of Dog Cartoons

Here’s the dog’s life as seen through the eyes and imaginations of, among others, Charles Addams, Edward Koren, Saul Steinberg, and the dog’s all-time best friend, James Thurber. 101 cartoons in all from The New Yorker over the past 65 years.

List Price: $ 24.00

Price: $ 12.97

They Moved My Bowl: Dog Cartoons by New Yorker Cartoonist Charles Barsotti

This is the first, and long-overdue, book of Charles Barsotti’s dog cartoons. Barsotti’s distinctive round pups, rendered in just a few simple lines, have been delighting The New Yorker readers for three decades and are instantly recognizable for their depiction of canines in human roles. The juxtaposition of their simple world, consisting only of food, play, and the goings-on of their owners, with the utterly human tasks of going to therapy, talking business, or seeing a lawyer, is both

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 5.97

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Krypto – episode 14 – Dogbot

Krypto the Superdog – episode 14 – Dogbot — Kevin uncovers a Kryptonian robot dog inside Krypto’s spaceship, but this new friend only wants to play with Krypto.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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