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Cool “the Dog” images

A few nice the dog images I found:

011 IV Oktoberfest Slaughter and the Dogs 02X10

Image by Dena Flows
Slaughter and the Dogs por Dena Flows
IV Oktoberfest
Landako Gunea, Durango

Looking for the recipe called “Dog Food”?

Question by : Looking for the recipe called “Dog Food”?
i think that is what it is called. Its really good and is made with chex cereal and chocolate. Does anyone know what it is and where i can find the recipe? thanks so much!

Best answer:

Answer by S i r i
It is one cup peanut butter
1/2 cup powdered sugar
mix the peanut butter and sugar together.
melt or microwave it
drizzle the melted mixture over 4 cups Rice Chex
Then mix in choc chips

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universal healthcare……?

Question by C-K again: universal healthcare……?
it allows bureaucrats too much influence in our lives. there are SO many bad ways this could end. but hey, everyone wants free sh*t, right?
State denies cancer treatment, offers suicide instead
‘To say, we’ll pay for you to die, but not pay for you to live, it’s cruel’

Posted: June 19, 2008
11:15 pm Eastern

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State officials have offered a lung cancer patient the option of having the Oregon Health Plan, set up in 1994 to ration health care, pay for an assisted suicide but not for the chemotherapy prescribed by her physician.
The story appears to be a happy ending for Barbara Wagner, who has been notified by a drug manufacturer that it will provide the expensive medication, estimated to cost $ 4,000 a month, for the first year and then allow her to apply for further treatment, according to a report in the Eugene Register-Guard.
But the word from the state was coverage for palliative care, which would include the state’s assisted suicide program, would be allowed but not coverage for the cancer treatment drugs.
“To say to someone, we’ll pay for you to die, but not pay for you to live, it’s cruel,” Wagner told the newspaper. “I get angry. Who do they think they are?”
(Story continues below)

She said she was devastated when the state health program refused coverage for Tarceva, the drug her doctor ordered for treatment of her lung cancer.
The refusal came in an unsigned letter from LIPA, the company that runs the state program in that part of Oregon.
“We had no intent to upset her, but we do need to point out the options available to her under the Oregon Health Plan,” Dr. John Sattenspiel, senior medical director for LIPA, told the newspaper.
“I understand the way it was interpreted. I’m not sure how we can lift that. The reality is, at some level (doctor-assisted suicide) could be considered as a palliative or comfort care measure.”
The 64-year-old Wagner lives in a low-income apartment in Springfield with her dog, the newspaper said.
State officials say the Oregon Health Plan prioritizes treatments, with diagnoses and ailments deemed the most important, such as pregnancy, childbirth and preventive care for children at the top of the list. Other treatments rank below, officials said.
“We can’t cover everything for everyone,” Dr. Walter Shaffer, a spokesman for the state Division of Medical Assistance Programs, told the paper. “Taxpayer dollars are limited for publicly funded programs. We try to come up with policies that provide the most good for the most people.”
He said many cancer treatments are a high priority, but others reflect the “desire on the part of the framers of this list to not cover treatments that are futile.”
Wagner, however, is ending up with the treatment needed when her lung cancer, in remission for two years, returned.
She reported a representative for the pharmaceutical company called and notified her the drug would be provided for at least the first year.
“We have been warning for years that this was a possibility in Oregon,” said the “Bioethics Pundit” on the Bioethics blog. “Medicaid is rationed, meaning that some treatments are not covered. But assisted suicide is always covered.”
“This isn’t the first time this has happened either,” the blogger wrote. “A few years ago a patient who needed a double organ transplant was denied the treatment but would have been eligible for state-financed assisted suicide. But not to worry. Just keep repeating the mantra: There are no abuses with Oregon’s assisted suicide law. There are no abuses. There are no abuses!
sorry it was so long. the article itself looked pretty short……
its not only about the taxes we’d get jacked for, its about letting government have that big of a say in our personal lives. catch-22, they are heading for the point when they will get to decide who will live and who will die. A REAL $ $ $ FIGURE on our lives…….i don’t want a POLITICIAN deciding my healthcare.
Andrew K- you have much more freedom to choose your physician with the private insurance. you will be 100% putting your health in the hands of the gov’t with universal care, and they can’t even run the country efficiently.
Mettie <3 and El Telecote- i agree 100%. downwithsocialists- i guess i'm evil and stupid too, because i agree with you. stratm663- once again, i now have a beef with the government having that much control of our lives. they WILL someday take it as far as putting a dollar amount on our lives, and decide who lives and who dies. that is the real BS. Best answer:

Answer by downwithsocialists
Sorry you can’t save the world with my tax dollars

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Casino Pylon Sign | Casino Exterior Decor Design | Exterior Casino Renovation | Lucky Dog Casino

Some cool lucky dog images:

Casino Pylon Sign | Casino Exterior Decor Design | Exterior Casino Renovation | Lucky Dog Casino

Image by I-5 Design & Manufacture
This is the double-sided pylon sign at the Lucky Dog Casino located in Skokomish Nation Washington. I-5 Design and Manufacture assisted the Lucky Dog with their logo branding efforts by adding this updated logo, which is double sided for maximum logo visibility at the top of the pylon sign. To view more casino decor and design elements see the project profile.

Lucky Dog

Image by Raketemensch-V

Zuke’s Jerky Naturals Dog Treats, Lamb, 6-Ounce

Zuke’s Jerky Naturals Dog Treats, Lamb, 6-Ounce

  • A healthy alternative to dry, dull biscuits and treats made from by-products and junk
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals and approximately 17 calories per piece
  • Made without artificial colors, flavors or by-products
  • Great to mix with Zuke’s Mini Naturals to use during training
  • Made in the USA with USA sourced meats, grains, fruits and vegetables

The packaging shown is the most recent, however, some retail sources may still sell previous versions.Believe it or not, you can give your dog a treat every time they do something cute. Which we know, is just about all the time. Unlike ordinary biscuits, Jerky Naturals are moist and healthy – made with real USDA beef, New Zealand lamb or wild-caught salmon as the #1 ingredient, plus fresh blueberries, carrots, apples and ground flax seed. And because they’re good for your dog it makes them th

List Price: $ 4.79

Price: $ 3.79

Dog Owner’s Delight : Make Your Dog Obey Your Every Command

Dog Owner’s Delight : Make Your Dog Obey Your Every Command

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but a dog can also drive you crazy. Dog owners will tell you that there’s nothing better than the unconditional love that only a dog can give. However some people who own dogs will confess that all too often the dog is in control, and that’s never good situation. Some people even live as if the dog were the one making all the decisions in the home!

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, or are struggling with getting your dog to obey, then you need to re


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All-Natural Dog Biscuits from Dynamite to Be Featured Monday on Nat?l Radio

All-Natural Dog Biscuits from Dynamite to Be Featured Monday on Nat’l Radio

Jos Zamzow, Dynamite COO, will talk about natural dog treats.

Meridian, Idaho (PRWEB) December 16, 2011

Jos Zamzow, chief operating officer of Dynamite Specialty Products here, will talk about Canine Cookies, a wheat-free, corn-free all-natural dog biscuit, on the nationally syndicated My Buddy Butch radio show on Monday at 7 p.m. EST (4 p.m. PST).

The all-natural dog treat was introduced earlier this year.

“Because of recent increases in dog allergies, many people are looking for corn-free, wheat-free and gluten-free dog food,” Zamzow said. “Dog treats with cereal grains such as wheat and corn cause a variety of dog allergies, including itchy skin and ears, and excessive weight gain.

The My Buddy Butch show runs on radio stations, including satellite radio, in selected markets across the nation. It also can be heard on the Internet at

“We had requests for healthy dog biscuits because so many dog treats have questionable ingredients, including chemical preservatives such as BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) and ethoxyquin,” Zamzow explained. “Several dog trainers who use our all-natural, gluten-free dog food, asked us for an easy-to-feed healthy dog treat to use in training.”

The gluten-free dog food, as well as all other Dynamite animal feeds, is formulated according to standards of the American Association of American Feed Control Officials, Inc. The paw-shaped, natural dog biscuits cost $ 19.95 for a 2.5-pound bag.

A family-owned business that has specialized in animal nutrition for four generations, Dynamite Specialty Products makes products for virtually every member of the animal kingdom. It has long developed all-natural dog food and nutritional supplements for show dogs across the country and prize-winning racehorses. Its specialists in dog nutrition and animal nutrition can recommend exactly what vitamins, minerals and other supplements best support dogs with allergies, horses with laminitis, cats whose owners make their own food, and cows with digestive issues.

Dynamite has worked with veterinarians and university researchers to produce specialty foods to correct nutritional deficiencies in animals ranging from Canadian muskoxen to peregrine falcons to zoo exotics.

Dynamite uses only natural ingredients, made in the United States for better quality control. Throughout its history of making natural dog food, it has always looked at alternatives to animal by-products, antibiotics, chemical preservatives, fumigants, artificial coloring and other additives that have later caused dog allergies and other health problems. Its manufacturing processes are so stringently controlled that Dynamite has a separate mill to produce feed for herbivores, such as horses and poultry that are especially sensitive to contamination from meat needed by other species such as dogs and cats.

Dynamite has manufacturing facilities in Idaho and Iowa.

Additional information on natural dog food and dog vitamin and mineral supplements is available at or by calling (800) 697-7434.



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